Tuesday, June 7, 2011


LOS ANGELES — (June 6, 2011) – Responding to strong consumer demand, Vivid Entertainment has advanced the release date of “Backdoor to Chyna” and is making it available at www.vivid.com starting today. The no-holds-barred sexual adventure movie stars former professional wrestling champion Chyna, aka Joanie Marie Laurer.

“Word got out that we had made a movie with Chyna and the reaction has been strong, so we decided to make it available immediately on vivid.com our website, says Steven Hirsch, founder/co-chairman of leading adult film company Vivid. “We knew she had a sizeable fan base from her wrestling days, but we didn’t realize how huge it is. Fans will love it because the movie reflects Chyna’s uncompromising approach to life. She knew exactly what she wanted in the movie — to push her sexual boundaries as never before. Together Chyna and her director B. Skow deliver one sizzling package.” A trailer from the movie has also been posted on www.vivid.com.

“This is the XXX movie that I always wanted to make for my fans and it is full-out nasty,” says Chyna, who was called the “Ninth Wonder of the World” during her fighting days because of her aggressive wrestling style against both men and women. In addition to winning the WWF Women’s Championship, Chyna is the only female in professional wrestling history to compete full time in the men’s division, where she twice held the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

“I chose the guys in the movie and made sure that the sex is as wicked as it can be,” Chyna adds. “We did scenes in a warehouse, a bar, a gym and even in my own home in the Hollywood Hills — and I guarantee you it is hot, hot, hot.”

“She was so over-the-top sexually that she blew me away and I think viewers will love it,” said Skow.

Chyna has continually set the bar very high for herself. She graduated from college with a 3.9 GPA; speaks fluent Spanish, French and German; served in the ROTC and the Peace Corps; has been on the covers of numerous magazines from Playboy to People and on such TV shows as “The Surreal Life: Fame Games” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

“I’ve always been a pioneer in my life and I am thrilled with this movie. I loved every minute of it. It made me feel beautiful, sexy and very empowered. My fans know that I’ve been through many obstacles and I want them to know that I feel and look better than ever and I’m definitely ready for them to see me close-up,” said Chyna. “I think almost every adult can use a little porn in their lives. If they don’t want to make a movie, they can benefit from watching one. And, if they don’t think sex is a natural human function, they should seek help.”

“Backdoor to Chyna” DVDs will be available in stores across the country on Monday, June 27. The cast includes Dylan Ryder, Diana Prince, Dayna Vendetta, Evan Stone, Lee Stone, Jerry, Mick Blue and Billy Glide.


  1. DISCUSTING! shes let us all down again!

  2. Oh no she has definitely turned her back on her true fans I thought she was unique and beautiful before but now she's just like everyone else.

  3. badvixon@yahoo.comJune 7, 2011 at 11:45 PM

    I can;t wait to buy it!!!!!

  4. Chyna - I do defend your choice to go into adult entertainment completely even though its not necessarily the route I had envisioned you would go in - however it is your life and your decision and I totally respect that.

    However, this quote is just not necessary from what you said -

    “This is the XXX movie that I always wanted to make for my fans and it is full-out nasty"

    Chyna - you might have a partial fan base that wants to see you having hardcore sex, but a major portion of your fan base including me has no interest in seeing you nude, having sex, or doing anything of that nature. We remember you as being Queen Of The Ring and being an heroine.
    This quote insinuates that all of your fans want to see you having hardcore sex - and that just isn't so. Maybe you should have reworded that and said "this is the full blown nasty film that some of my fans want to see", cause I can tell you that probably most of us don't.

    It's not that your not a beautiful woman - you actually are beautiful indeed and are very unique. However, just because your beautiful doesn't mean everyone wants to see you having hardcore sex, so please don't act like your entire fan base is on board for the new direction your taking. You will gain new fans I'm sure, and those would be the ones that will enjoy watching your adult films.

    With all of that said - I still stand behind Chyna's decision to go into porn, as its her life and her career. I also still think TNA Wrestling was using a double standard by not offering her a contract just because she also has a porn coming out. Like I've said before, if she landed another Playboy Centerfold deal (porn lite), she would have been signed immediately and it would have been even promoted. But because its Vivid Entertainment and its actual sex scenes, she's disqualified from being in a company that promotes violence, go figure!

    Thats all.

  5. I just read the rest of what you said in this press release Chyna. While sex may be a natural human function, it doesn't mean we all want to go out making pornos to express it. I get the feeling your going into the adult industry for all the wrong reasons and this press release sounds a bit delusional. I hope I am completely wrong.

  6. Her movie is featured on the same website that advertises "The Incredible Hulk: A Porn Parody!" Lol! Awesome career move!

  7. I've been a Chyna fan for 11 years, 9 of which I've been hoping she'd find her niche and get back on her feet. This is the last straw. After finally getting her act together, we get let down again.

  8. badvixon@yahoo.comJune 9, 2011 at 1:24 AM

    I understand were you guys are coming from. I used to come on here and bash Chyna. I bashed her with the hopes that she would strighten out. But there is a good reason why she doesn't. She has been through bad trauma that left her feeling low about her self to were she self destructive.
    I have lived in this patterned. Its a hard thing to see and see that you are hurting people YOU DO Love in efforts to feel worth something if only for a short while.

  9. Still a fan of hers after 11 years. If it makes her happy I say go with it.

  10. She actually sounds very confident and in her right mind about having done it based off her radio interview from last night. She actually sounded happy and not under the influence of any medications or drugs. Dare I say she sounds the happiest and most sober I have ever heard her, WWE days included. I think she looks at having done this adult film in a different light than we all see it. A lot of us see it as a desperate attempt to make a buck. I don't think she needed the money, I think she did it to conquer a psychological issue she's had all of her life, and I think it did her good. A lot of us may not agree with adult entertainment, but we shouldn't judge.

    And yes, she wants to do more and is even in talks to sign a contract with Vivid.

    The TMZ rumors of TNA Wrestling giving her the ultimatum are all completely false. According to Chyna from last night, she has not spoken with anyone at TNA since her PPV appearance and according to her "the door is still open on her end." Therefore, all of that previously was completely false. Chyna was never in talks to be signed to TNA - she only participated in a one time handshake deal that was over after the Sacrifice PPV.

    Go Chyna, do your thing!

  11. I also have to say that based on last nights radio interview, it seems she has really let a lot of things go in her life. In interviews up to this point she came across really defensive regarding HHH cheating on her with Steph and how she was kicked out of the WWE. This time around when asked, she really came across as having made peace with it and really seemed to have let it go. They even brought up the fact that Chris Jericho really put her down badly in his latest book and she basically responded with a very "he's entitled to his opinion" type attitude it didn't seem to have bothered her at all. I was very happy with what I heard from her in this interview.


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