Monday, November 7, 2011


Recap credit to Howard came back and said that Chyna is there and she used to be the WWE superstar who is now a porn star. Howard said this is Joanie Laurer or Chyna. Howard asked Chyna how she is. She said she's good and she has missed Howard. Howard said Chyna has shot her first porno. He said that she was on Celebrity Rehab and she claims that she didn't have a problem with drugs or alcohol and she just did it as a bit. She is drinking but she says she's drinking more carefully these days. Howard noted Chyna did look healthy and seemed to be totally sober.

Howard asked why Chyna was kicked out of the WWE. Chyna said she got hired by a Japanese wrestling group and she went and did that for a while. Howard asked Chyna how she got her name back. Chyna said she wrote to Vince McMahon and said she wanted to put everything aside personally. She said she heard back from him and he wasn't ready to do that but she did get some closure in all of that. She said it made her feel wonderful. Howard asked how she legally got the name. She said she went to court in 2007 and got the name back. She said she spent maybe $10,000 on it and she did it herself. Howard asked what her argument was. Chyna said that she didn't want to be steam rolled into the whole thing because they had her sidelined. Howard asked who owns the name. Chyna said it was more of a bully power factor. She said if she got another job then there was a bully saying no. She said she can use the name now.

Howard asked if she's billed as Chyna in this new porno she did. Chyna said she is. Howard asked if she's doing this for the money or does she want to be a porn star. Chyna said she wanted to go to Florida and just enjoy herself. She said she's not broke but she lives on fumes. She said that she doesn't owe anyone anything. Chyna said that she wanted to hold out and not go work for just anyone. She said she has more self esteem than that. She said she was trying to figure it all out. Chyna said she was living off of her Playboy money for a while. Howard asked if she's the star of the neighborhood. She said she is. She has a studio apartment on Venice Beach and she can see the water from there. Howard asked if she has people pointing her out as their neighbor. She said that's not what it's like. She said they all help her out. Howard asked Chyna about this porno she did and asked if she did anal. She said she did. Chyna said she gets kicked in the ass so why not. Howard asked if she was raped in the ass. Chyna said that she had that sex tape out and that turned into a mess. She wanted to knock that off the map and do something even crazier. Howard said Chyna claims that she didn't know that tape was being made back then. Howard asked Chyna what kind of money she was making doing the wrestling. She said she was making $250,000 in her last year in the WWE. She said that she had to pay for her own hotel rooms and travel too. She said she's close to the $200,000 mark again. Howard asked if she has to make certain sales to get that money. She said she gets some kind of bonuses for selling a certain amount. She said that she's been selling out her DVDs when she has them for sale at events. Chyna said she was allowed to cast the whole movie so it was all up to her.

Howard asked Chyna if she has ever been with a woman before. Chyna said she had women approach her but this was her first experience with a woman. Howard asked if they had a big build up toward it. She said this movie was straight sex.

Howard asked if the director asked her to make more noise in the scenes since she's usually pretty quiet. She said that she just wanted to do it like it was a real thing and not fake it. Chyna said that she just went with it.

Howard said the name of this movie is ''Back Door to Chyna.'' He played a clip of this guy Billy Glide banging her. She wasn't making much noise. She did make some subtle ones though. The guy was grunting and making weird noises as he was banging her. Howard said it was a lot of guy noise. Howard said you can get the movie at

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he did an interview with Chyna that's out now. He said that's called ''You Shoot With Chyna'' and they ask her about the video tape that she had out years ago. He said she describes it as a rape. Chyna said that he was violating her and taking her for all she was worth so she sees it as a rape.

Howard asked if she lives alone. Chyna said she does. Howard said people don't know that she's very intelligent. She's fluent in a few languages. She doesn't speak to her family though. Chyna said that she gave her sister power of attorney and that was a bad decision. She said she wanted to pay her taxes and phone bill and all of that. She's not even sure if her parents are alive. She said that she tried to call her dad recently and she wasn't able to find him. Chyna said she's kind of sad about that.

Howard asked what happened with her father. Chyna said she's really not sure. She said that she would like to talk to her dad but not to her mom. She said that her mom was very abusive. She said she was on her own at 15 years old. She said that her siblings were 10-12 years older than her and her mom wasn't even there for her. Chyna said that she doesn't speak to her sister either.

Howard gave Chyna some plugs for this porno and asked if she licked a guy's balls. She said she did that too. Howard asked who she trusts the most in her life. She said her friend Christian is the one. She said he's gay.

Howard took a call from Wood Yi (Steve the Engineer clips) who asked if he could suck her cock. It was actually Sal and Richard playing the clips.

Another caller asked if there was a chance that Chyna could sing for them again. Howard said she came in and sang a song for them years ago. Howard said she sang ''Holiday'' for them. Chyna said the band broke up. She was laughing as she told him about that. Howard said she claimed that the guy was her brother. Chyna was laughing uncontrollably. She wasn't even able to answer Howard. Chyna said she thought Howard was going to sign her that day. Fred played some of that performance. Chyna was still laughing her ass off. She laughed through the song as it played.

Howard said that they tell him that she's up for riding the Sybian. Chyna said she's all itchy and scratchy but she would do it. She said she did it on Playboy radio and at the Bunny Ranch. Howard sounded disappointed when he heard that. Chyna said that the Sybian is too much for her and it doesn't really do it. Howard said Chyna is just about pants less this morning. He said that he can see her panties and things. He asked what she weighs now. She said she's at 162 pounds and she's been doing yoga for about 10 years now. She said she's still very big. Howard wrapped up with Chyna and gave her some more plugs for her porno. She's going to be at Rick's Cabaret Thursday night too. Howard went to break a short time later.

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