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411MANIA INTERVIEWS CHYNA recently sat down and interviewed Chyna about everything including rumors that Chyna has become an escort! Chyna sets the record straight in this brand new interview...

Is Chyna really an escort? Is she in touch at all with WWE? How does she like the porn industry? Chyna answers these questions and more in our exclusive interview!

Chyna is no stranger to controversy. From her days in the WWE, her Playboy pictorial, and now her new found adult film career, she is used to people talking about her life. Recently Chyna's name has been linked to a sordid rumor of escorting. A number of mainstream media sites have rushed to judgement, almost none have stopped to ask the most important person: Chyna herself.

Chyna was nice enough to take time out of her incredibly busy schedule to definitely answer the rumors about escorting, talk of her doing one more match in the WWE, and what's next in her adult film career with Vivid.

Steve Gustafson: Hi Chyna! Thank you for taking time to do this interview. I know you have a busy schedule so feel free to be as brief or as along as you are comfortable. Feel free to add or promote anything you'd like!

Chyna: Backdoor to Chyna is available at and at many retail stores as well. I welcome fans bringing DVDs for me to sign at all my appearances and venues.

Steve Gustafson: No doubt many people reading this already have it! I wanted to start with the all of these "escorting" rumors that have popped up and spread across the internet. Once and for all, is there any truth to these?

Chyna: No. I am not an escort. I do and always have done many appearances. I think just now that I have some "sexier" pics circulating and it gives the impression that I am. I am booked almost every weekend feature dancing, appearing, and doing media and shows. I have been gone from home for the last three weeks and not slowing down any. I also just finished my second movie with Vivid which is going to be a classic!

Steve Gustafson: Good to have that cleared up. From your point of view, how did this non-story of "escorting" begin?

Chyna: I mean, I've heard so many rumors over the course of my career. I think it's someone or a group of people that try to degrade or defame me or sell some mags! Let's face it, I have always been quite a topic of discussion out there. My career has always been about my body also. I'm proud of my body, I love my work, I love doing movies with Vivid, the top adult company in the world! I have nothing to be unhappy about right now. I do think it is safe to say that human nature sometimes assumes the most negative to what they may not understand at first glance and appearance. It's hard to tell a person's life story and I think people are confused about what I'm doing right now. My career has taken off in such a huge other direction!

Steve Gustafson: Unfortunately it has become common for websites to hear a rumor and rush to print it before actually verifying it. What was your reaction when you heard/read that you were charging $20,000 for a weekend in Vegas?

Chyna: Well, it didn't surprise me because I do! That would be pursuant to what I would charge to host a club and it depends on where and how much work I have to do. I have also made appearances at many high price fitness clubs and the big licensing store chains.

Steve Gustafson: Of course battling news that isn't true is nothing new for you. Working in the wrestling industry for as long as you did, your name was mentioned numerous times in the dirt sheets. Now that you are working in the adult film industry, what are the biggest differences in how fans react to you?

Chyna: Fans in the dirt sheets are always looking for a topic and I'm fairly controversial. I never really did interviews because I think many of them are really hurtful and mean, especially when someone is just doing a job like a professional athlete. I never really read them, I still don't. You have to give respect to get it. If you don't give me mine after all the years I've earned it, then you don't get mine, or my time, or my smile. My fans really haven't changed. Mine is an inspirational story and whether you agree with what I'm doing or not, you have to respect my choice. I was treated brutally for way too long, being healthy and happy is something that you can't fake. I had to make changes to start my life anew and I did that. What I didn't realize is how much my fan base would expand and how supportive they would be.

Steve Gustafson: If you don't mind, can you talk about what inspired you to make the transition into the adult film industry?

Chyna: After I had the highest grossing Playboy cover of all time, it changed my life as far as how I and the world viewed me. I always heard about Vivid and would see billboards and posters in Hollywood and calendars in the bookstores of the Vivid Girls. I would think, "These girls are really beautiful and confident.! Even though I had, still haven't, ever watched a porn movie. I knew Vivid as the "Playboy of Porn". Of course I love, love, love to do movies! It's my passion in life, so mix the wrestling with all the Playboy success and I got Vivid! That turned out to be the best move in all ways. It has taken all the elements of my career and put them together. Who gets to be that lucky?

Steve Gustafson: Very few! Now, we met briefly at Exxxotica this past year and I noticed that your line was consistently the longest one there. How was your experience at the expo?

Chyna: I was overwhelmed! The fans came out in droves to support me! Outside the building, inside long, long lines, outside the venues, hotels. It was crazy! Not since my wrestling days have I seen it like that. But now it's more, more than just all I have accomplished. Out of all the fans and interviews hardly anyone even talked about the wrestling. I did tons of media and I was very honest and open about what really happened, and it's obvious people are supporting me for that decision now.

Steve Gustafson: Amazing! I've heard rumors that you've been thinking about touring as a feature dancer. Any truth to this?

Chyna: Yes, I have been doing appearances and feature dancing and, well, I never thought I'd be doing this, but it's kind of a reward for me to do that and have fun and make money while getting out there to all the fans. It's also fun because I'm new dynamics to the clubs and everyone is having fun! That's all that really matters.

Steve Gustafson: Very cool. I wanted to ask how your experience was making Vivid Video's "Backdoor To Chyna"?

Chyna: It was an awkward experience physically. Now I know why the "big boys" of porn are *AHEM* special! As soon as I start a movie I never want them to end. Each is very unique and unforgettable experience. Backdoor to Chyna was one of my most glamorous movies. The set was pure Hollywood and I felt like a beautiful superstar. I even loved the colors, the settings, and my outfits. The girls were super feminine and the boys really made me feel comfortable. I know once we finished shooting that this was going to be a big hit and yet change my life again. It has!

Steve Gustafson: Wow! How was it working with an industry legend like Evan Stone?

Chyna: Wow! He's really a legend! But he makes it really sexy and fun to work with! I don't know how he does this for hours but I've never seen a wrestler with his moves and stamina! He's a tough act to follow, but there is definitely a charm and a charisma beyond just the physical, that the major names have.

Steve Gustafson: I always hear good things about Evan. What are your plans in terms of future videos?

Chyna: I've just completed a second movie for Vivid and I'm quite sure that you may want to interview me again in 2012 when it's released!

Steve Gustafson: Of course, of course! You'll definitely be hearing from me! Recently you spoke about how you never officially retired from the wrestling industry that got the websites excited with "fantasy match making". Have you given any thought to who you would like to wrestle?

Chyna: Hmm. Unfortunately I don't even know what you are referring to.

Steve Gustafson: As I expected, another internet rumor that was started and never verified. Do you stay in touch with anyone in the wrestling industry? Do you still watch WWE?

Chyna: No. They don't call and they don't write.

Steve Gustafson: That's that then. Looks like that chapter is closed. You've had a pretty wild 2011. What can we expect from Chyna in 2012?

Chyna: 2011 was life changing for me and couldn't have come any sooner. For 2012, I plan on lots of work, lots of living, taking vacations, being with friends, and some travel. My trips are different now. People are excited to have me and they wine and dine me and I usually end up at people's homes and have little adventures. If I get to stay in one place for more than a night. If you asked, would I ever go through all of this again, I say no chance in hell with the wrestling, but I sure am glad I've never quit and just kept persevering because I am starting to enjoy some really nice things in life that I have never experienced before. I know this will be a great year.

Steve Gustafson: Absolutely! Chyna, thank you again! I appreciate your time and hope you have a great finish to 2011! All the best!

Chyna: All the best to you as well! Happy holidays to everyone and thank you for sticking with me for all these years!

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