Sunday, January 1, 2012

CHYNA COMMENTS ON NEXT VIVID VIDEO reports: Chyna is the star of the runaway hit "Backdoor to Chyna" which was her first movie for Vivid, the world's leading adult film company. She’s looking forward to the release of her second movie in 2012.

"Queen of the Ring will reveal some behind-the-scenes drama from the world of wrestling that will make both my wrestling and porn fans very happy," Chyna says.


  1. They are naming a porno "Queen Of The Ring"??? Geez Chyna, it's one thing to go into Porno, and then its another to make a mockery out of your own wrestling career by putting it into a porn scenario. I highly doubt WWE will ever have you back, even for a HOF spot at this point. TNA does not even want you now. So very sad. I'll still remain a fan of the Chyna I knew from 1997 through 2001.

  2. I like this pic very nice

  3. no need to hate.. chyna is a beauty always was always will be


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