Monday, July 16, 2012

ALERT: FAKE FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS would like to keep fans on alert for fake social media profiles of Chyna's including facebook, twitter and myspace. One of the most recent fake facebook accounts created is 9thWonderChynaDoll. would like to remind fans that the ONLY social network Chyna belongs to is twitter and she can be located at chynachyna9. All other social network profiles are fake and not endorsed by Chyna, Vivid or

In addition is NOT an official website for Chyna, it is just a fansite. Chyna is in no way responsible for the content on this website. Please do not direct fan mail or business inquiries toward this website. If you wish to reach Chyna for fan mail please direct it at her twitter account @chynachyna9 and for business inquiries please contact her manager Dave Micheals at 727-367-1002 or Thank you for visiting

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  1. This is my own fansite on Google +. Tribute to Chyna<3


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