Saturday, December 8, 2012


Christmas is right around the corner and for many that means standing in long lines for several hours to wind up finding out that the one items you came to get is sold out. This season you can avoid the long lines when shopping for the Chyna fan in your life and head over to where you can purchase Chyna's three best selling videos "Backdoor to Chyna", "Avengers XXX" and "Chyna is Queen of the Ring". These are three of Vivid's best selling videos of all time and sure to please any Chyna fan in your life. Head over to today to order.

TOP 10 CHYNA GIFT IDEAS: 10 perfect gifts for any Chyna fan this holiday season

01: Queen of the Ring DVD -Chyna's most recent best selling video from Vivid

02: Avengers XXX DVD -Another best seller for Chyna and Vivid

03: Backdoor to Chyna DVD - Chyna's first and most talked about Vivid video so far.

04: Illegal Aliens DVD -A comedy, sci-fi spoof and favorite among Chyna fans. Chyna plays Rex an evil alien from the Alpha Centari galaxy bent on destroying the world.

05: Playboy -Nov '00 -Chyna's first Playboy issue, now a collectors item and a favorite among Chyna fans.

06: Chyna action figures -Any vintage Chyna action figures are sure to please any Chyna fan.

07: Chyna comics -It's true Chyna has gone everything. From TV to movies, music, magazines and even comic books! Chyna has been featured in 3 comic books, 2 with Chaos Comics and one with Image comics for her short, action film "The Romp"

08: Paper Doll book -Chyna's most recent book, "Paper Doll" is an amazing piece of work. The book is a collection of high fashion photos along with letters and poems that Chyna wrote herself. It's a must have for all Chyna fans.

09: Alien Fury movie -Another must have as it was Chyna's first mainstream movie outside of the WWE. But be warned you will have to dust off your VCRs because a DVD version of this movie starring Chyna is hard to come by.

10: Playboy -Jan '02 -Chyna's second Playboy issue is now also a collector item and a favorite among Chyna fans.

Share your list of Holiday gift ideas for Chyna fans in the comments below.

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