Monday, September 20, 2010


The following comes from Chyna's manager Mr. Sato regarding health and status following her admittance into UCLA hospital.

"Thankfully, Chyna is feeling much better, but her admittance this morning to UCLA Medical Center was actually due to a bad reaction to Benadryl. Her hands were shaking after taking the medication, which prompted an ambulance being called. And her prognosis is good! She’s able to talk and walk and is feeling fine.”

Her manager would not specify how much she took, her manager did say he would release more information when she is discharged from the hospital.


  1. omg i hope chyna gets better hate to see her go through so many things now. I know she is not in good terms with wwe but i hope somehow she returns to wrestling where ever it may be she needs to keep herslef busy again. :( plz be ok

  2. someone has to do something especially her manager if ur reading this plz keep her very active and busy convince her to go back to wrestling where her life can be time consuming i wouldn't want a beautiful woman with great tallent to go to waste or die like Luna Vachon did it was a tragedy and u gotta do something to help her now that we still have her. Im a very concern fan and want the best for her plz help her!!! wish i knew where to contact her i would wanna do my best to help her and show her support!


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