Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Chyna's appearance at the "Wrestle Zone convention" in Maynooth, Ireland on November 13th and 14th has been postponed until early 2011.

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Wrestlezone Ireland to be held in Maynooth on 13th and 14th November has been POSTPONED. NOT CANCELLED BUT POSTPONED.

The reason for this is as follows. We have sold 450 tickets. 280 for Saturday and 170 for Sunday so ticket sales were very good and everything was covered. The reason for the postponement is that we would be 5 superstars down for the Sunday. The Million Dollar man Ted DiBiase and The Honky Tonk Man have been called up by the WWE to do the RAW show on November 15th in Hershey PA and would need to leave Ireland on November 14th thus missing the show that people bought tickets for.

I was also informed last week that Mick Foley would need to leave Wrestlezone at 12.30pm on the Sunday and Candice and Lilian would not be there after 11am which for the money charged by the stars is unacceptable. I have spoke from Day 1 about being loyal to the fans who have bought their tickets and it simply would not be value for money for the Sunday ticket holders to come out and be 5 superstars down, 3 of which are arguably the biggest draw so therefore a postponement I think is fair on everyone. The superstars are in agreement to this as an offer from WWE to appear on RAW could not be turned down. Anybody doubting this will be able to see Ted and Honky Tonk Man on the live show from Hershey Pennsylvania on November 15th.

Another option I had was to offer the Sunday ticket holder's access on the Saturday but it would be too crammed and not every fan would meet all the Superstars.

I hope the fans out there understand why we have decided to do this. I am waiting on the stars to get me a rescheduled date most likely now to be after Christmas into the New Year. I will need to replace one superstar due to them complaining but so be it. Obviously, anyone who wishes to get refunded I have no problem with this or if they want to keep their ticket until the rescheduled event that is ok too but obviously you will need to let me know.

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(Thanks to Daniel for the heads up on this news)

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