Monday, December 6, 2010


The online sporting magazine, "The Bleacher Report" has named Chyna was one of "100 top WWE Wrestlers of all Time"....

"Chyna only spent a little under five years inside of the WWE, but is one of the most interesting characters to ever grace a WWE ring. Standing at 5'10'' and weighing nearly 180 pounds, Chyna could take on some of the men inside of the WWE as well as the women. If I were to stand toe to toe with Chyna, I am proud to say, that I wouldn't stand a chance. Taking on the men head on is exactly what Chyna did. She is the first and only woman to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship, defeating Jeff Jarrett at No Mercy in 1999 to accomplish the feat. She was also co-champions with Chris Jericho in her second Intercontinental reign, and once again, pinning Trish Stratus in a match that involved current champion Val Venis, which rewarded her the belt for a third time. Chyna was a bit held down by her character inside of D-Generation X, as a quiet follower of leader Triple H. When given the chance and the ball, Chyna ran faster with it then any other woman inside the WWE that I've seen. Unfortunately, Chyna would only win the Womens Championship one time, just before she left the WWE in 2001, retiring as champion, and going out on top. Chyna will always be remembered for how big she was and the strength she had for a woman inside of the ring, her special career will not be forgotten. Chyna is one of the most important female wrestlers to ever grace a WWE ring and is future Hall Of Fame material."

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