Thursday, February 3, 2011


Model House Talent introduces Builders division and well known model and actress Chyna. MHT is introducing body building within itʼs already well known roster of divisions. Previous WWE wrestler Chyna, has been taken on by MHT to headline their new Builders division. Chyna is not only known for her WWE and fitness competitions but is also a well known American actress and Model. She has taken on an acting and modeling career and has been shown in over a dozen film and television shows. Chyna is known as the “Ninth Wonder of the World” because she is a pioneer for women in the sports and entertainment world. She has broken several barriers and has created a mass market around herself. Chyna is not only a model, actress and fitness guru, who has appeared in several magazines including Playboy, she is also a humanitarian who has participated and served in the R.O.T.C and peace corps to help third world countries. Chyna also is creating a new clothing line and has a fashion book entitled “Paper Doll.” MHT is allowing Chyna to share her story to the world and take all of her past experience and enlighten young women to be empowered. MHT would like to re-introduce the new Chyna and show the world who she really is.

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