Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Chyna has officially ended her relationship with Model House Talent and sent the following letter to the company explaining why.

Dear Daisi,

You posted an announcement last Sept. 27th stating that I was a client of Model House Talent. As such, you should have been looking out for my best interests and helping to portray me in a positive light to the media. Recently, however, you made statements to the media that were critical of my decision to enter into a relationship with Vivid Entertainment, which has just released my movie “Backdoor to Chyna.”

At the very least, you should have contacted me before you said anything on my behalf on this subject. I find it ironic that you managed to promote yourself in your outreach to the media while saying negative things about me, your supposed client.

I’m sending you this letter to officially end our relationship even though you stated that I never “officially retained any of (your) company’s services regarding public relations.” You no longer have the right to use my name and/or image in any way, shape or form.

Personally, I am very happy with my decision to make an adult movie with Vivid. They are a great company and have treated me fairly. My fans are the beneficiaries. Sales are terrific and I’m already thinking about what I want in my next movie. I hope you achieve the success that you want as well.


  1. I completely agree with Chyna. The way her supposed management team came out and spoke against her was totally wrong. No professional management company would have ever spoken against one of there clients publicly much less released a tacky Youtube video to do so. There web site is still promoting Chyna's photo shoot with them so I guess they haven't received the message yet.

  2. I don't think I agree, well not completely. I am glad Chyna stuck up for herself and it was really unprofessional of Daisi to speak about chyna that way but Chyna deserves to be a client of the MHT. she is the only one worthy of this. perhaps Daisi will apologize


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