Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The following was posted on TMZ.com this morning.
As if being everyone's favorite muscular female wrestler turned porn star hadn't branded her enough, the lovely Chyna went and got some more serious ink in Hawaii this weekend.

It all went down after the 40-year-old beauty hosted an event for Liquid Nitro and on a whim hit up Xtreme Ink with a friend in Honolulu. After jokingly roughing up her tattoo artist, we're told Chyna and her gal pal both got matching hers and hers Polynesian tribal tats on their arms and shoulders.

No tramp stamps for these chicks.

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  1. Seriously? I'm not trying to pass judgment here and its not just about inking herself up, but I feel like shes on her way back down AGAIN. . .When is enough enough? Focusing her attention on all of the wrong things. . .sad.

  2. Dude, you're sad. (No offense) I've never been completely happy with the things she has done, but it's HER LIFE! If it makes her happy then so be it! She is a fine, grown woman that can make her own choices. I bet this is why her "family" isn't there for her; because they want her to do waht THEY want, but not support her. Come on! Her rough years before should have said something about her family (no offense Chyna). It reminds me of plenty of people and families I know/seen, etc. Let her be her!

  3. There is nothing wrong with getting some ink. It looks sick, and I think it suits her. We tend to forget that she not just a celebrity, shes a real person, and I dont know bout yall, but if me and a friend went to get a tattoo...we would, and there wouldnt be nothng wrong with it. Im super happy that shes happy, she deserves to be happy.

    I dont see anything wrong with the decisions shes made lately. She made a very smart business decision and worked with Vivid. On top of that she got her confidence back, she looks healthy, and shes motivated as she said. Shes gorgeous, the tatt is gorgeous, and her $$$ is apparently is pretty gorgeous too!


  4. I agree Sean, if she's truly happy then good for her but I just don't think that she truly is when she's doing porn, that's a new low in my opinion. Even X-Pac said recently that Chyna told him after their sex tape came out how low she thought of herself because of it, if that made her feel low then I can't imagine she feels very highly of herself right now even if she is trying to make it seem like all is good and happy in her life. I don't know, I don't want to judge, I have no right to judge Chyna. I just want her to be happy, maybe she really is. But for me personally as a fan I do feel disappointed and sad for her

  5. Awesome tattoo :) Looks great Xx

  6. Pretty ink. But I hope that she does not become on of those women who get a tat on their arm and let it get all flabby. Very unattractive. With her definition it suits her. But I agree I feel like she is on her way down again with the porn. I can't see how that could make someone feel good about themselves. Personally I would be embarassed about what I had done because of family and friends. I think that having money is wonderful but she could have gone with TNA heck even try teaching or being a mentor to other people to other athletes. I think she blew her chances with wrestling ever again. It makes me sad to see her like this

  7. I have been a fan for about 10 years. I looked up to Chyna almost worshipping her because I thought she is what a woman is supposed to be. But then as everyone does she went through a very bad time period with some things. I kept hoping that she would recover and prayed for her that her wishes would come true. When I saw that she was modeling and doing movie part and appearences and the lot sober I was thrilled. And the TNA thing I almost dies I was so happy for her. But this?? If that is her choice it is her life and all the happiness to her but I feel let down again. I put her on such a pedestal as a teenager. I guess that is what happens when you grow up. You realize the people you hold in the highest regard are not the perfect people you thought they were. I am not a hater just sad that she seems to be heading down again. Remember you are judged by the company you keep

  8. I felt the same way, I was very upset that she had decided to do an adult film. Ive been a fan of hers since 1997, si Ive grown up with her. Chyna has always been in my life.....so to speek. lol So I was upset when I found out about her working with Vivid.

    However the reasons she gave for doing this film, I feel are genuine and true. She explained that the sex tape was something that was suppose to be private, and was stolen from her and released to the world. She was traumatized because of the whole thing, and it was still something she struggled with.

    By releasing Backdoor To Chyna, she took that power and control back! Chyna said Vivid were total profesionals, and was able to have creative control while working on the film. She wanted to make a bold move, and that she did.

    Plus, I would NEVER believe anything that comes outta Xpac's(Sean waltman) mouth. That guy has sooo much drug damage, im surprised he can still function. By the way this is the same moron that put a piece of turd in Sable's bag!

    Now....having seen parts of the film, I have to say.....the action is HOT!!!! She looks beautiful, and the sex is steamin!! Vivid for sure shed out the bucks, cause this is not some low budget thing. Very high profile.

    Chyna is a classy lady, whatever she does will be classy cause theres only one CHYNA!!Love u CHYNA keep doing ur thing!!!!!!!

  9. Being in a porno is defiantly not "classy" If you think that's classy I don't know what to say to you anymore.

  10. I love Chyna no matter what because I'm there whether thick or thin.Its Chyna's life not ours.

  11. Guys, why the hell are you so judgemental ? I really don't see what she did that bad, for you to judge her this much. I don't think is this bad to star in an adult movie. I think you all should cut her some slack, because you are highly overreacting. She is a real person, she has good sides and bad sides, good habits and bad habits. We all do. Sometimes the good side and habits get the best of us, sometimes the bad side and bad habits get the best of us, it happened to each and every one of us, and will happen again and again till the day we die. The exact same thing happens to her too. She had a period when bad habits were getting the best of her, now she's over that, and she is coming back. The adult movie? The adult movie is not a downfall, in my opinion. I'm sure she has good reasons for doing that, reasons that maybe we can't even understand, considering that none of us has ever walked a mile in her shoes, and if we don't understand those reasons, this doesn't makes those reasons wrong.
    Chyna, here are my most sincere thoughts regarding you : first of all I want you to be happy, whatever that means for you (wrestling, adult movies, playing video games,sword fighting :D, etc), and second - I would love to see you wrestling again, on a regular basis, but, like I said before, only if you choose to, and if it makes you happy. You should definitely consider your happiness more important than whatever your fans want from you. A true fan won't be upset on you for doing that. I know I won't.

    Be happy, girl, you deserve it. People judge, but give them all the finger and be yourself, the ones who really matter will like you for what you are.


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