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The following story was reported by regarding Chyna's role with TNA:

Wrestling superstar Chyna tells TMZ ... she has been told point blank that if her new XXX porn tape is actually released, she will never be allowed to work for TNA Wrestling ever again. It's a big deal for Chyna -- because she had recently been in talks with the wrestling organization about working out a long term deal ... and before the XXX tape came into the picture, things were looking optimistic. But now, with the hardcore tape set to be released later this month, Chyna tells us she got a call from TNA honchos warning her that if she lets the tape hit shelves ... the deal is off for good. Chyna tells us, "The whole thing has been constant drama ... it's all good in the end ... [TNA Wrestling] is missing the boat." She adds, "FREEDOOOM!" So far, no word from TNA.


  1. But I bet if Chyna had landed a Playboy centerfold they would have not only signed her but promoted the Playboy as well, right? Huge Double Standard. I understand Playboy is different and its not shooting hardcore sex scenes, but isn't the idea of Playboy pretty much the same, just glamorized? I mean, does anyone actually buy Playboy to view the artistic nude photos or do they get it to satisfy there sexual needs? What is different between that and what Chyna is doing now with Vivid?

    I'm not thrilled with Chyna's decision to go into a full blown porn career either, but it's her life and her decision, and it's not my place to judge. It also should not have disqualified her from being offered a long term contract with TNA. I guess violence is fine and dandy, but sex scenes are a no no. Does anyone else see the huge double standard here that pro wrestling has? It's really sad. As Chyna said, they missed the boat - because I would imagine financially Vivid is probably paying her more in one video release than TNA could offer her in a years long contract, so no real loss financially to Chyna.

    It's great that Chyna has been signed to IGF in Japan, at least they don't have the double standards that it seems the American Pro Wrestling companies have. She is trying to have both a pro wrestling career and a porn career, and I don't see why she shouldn't be able to have both.

    It has been floating around the internet for 3 or 4 months now regarding Chyna's latest venture into porn, yet TNA didn't mind bringing her on for a handshake deal - yet it stopped them from wanting to bring her on full time. TNA sounds extremely wishy washy, and actually has a reputation of being that way, so it may be a blessing in disguise for Chyna to stay far away from the company. Heck, Mick Foley debuted the same night Chyna did and he is already gone from the company as well - which just goes to show you.

    Chyna currently seems happy with doing porn, and new articles that have come out say she wants to do more because she enjoys it. If this is what makes her happy, so be it. What harm is she really causing?

    Also, she should ditch Model House Talent as her management. Doing a youtube video for the public to see stating your dislike for your clients venture into porn is beyond unprofessional. The President of that company should really be ashamed of herself for doing that. This was something that needed to be handled by Chyna privately, not lamb blasted out on the internet via a youtube video.

  2. Chyna why why why why?

  3. In my opinion I think that Chyna may regret not working things out with TNA. She tried very hard to get back into the wrestling world from the quotes we have read and there is a last chance right in fron of her. Granted what is going on besides what we are hearing may be more complicated. But how could she give up the fans? It must have been amazing to come back into the ring. People flipped. I wish Chyna had more confidence and realized that there are other ways of promoting yourself besides a cheap video. I am a huge fan but am just well..the woman I put on a pedestal as a kid is human after all. It makes me sad

  4. I have legitimately lost all respect for Chyna now... I've always supported her, but after seeing the trailer for her new porn career with Vivid... I could honestly care less! TNA would have just handed her a full time deal if she hadn't made so many dumb moves! She has slaughtered her reputation too many times and this is a pointless decision on her part! I genuinely think she needs to rethink her whole life, because if we look back she's transformed from a legendary well respected revolutionary wrestler (which she was incredible at) to a porn star... It's truly very saddening and tasteless... The part I don't understand is why she can't just pull out of the entertainment business altogether... I really have the feeling she's gonna have a tragic breakdown sooner rather than later!

  5. Seems like so many are commenting with there opinion, not knowing the facts. This porno was filmed 5 or 6 months ago, way before she got the handshake deal with TNA Wrestling. At this point, she had no control of being able to stop the porn from coming out even if she wanted to, so what exactly was she supposed to do?

    None of you "lost all respect" for Chyna when she did 2 Playboy Spreads. Do you not understand that Playboy is just Porn Lite? People look at Playboy to fulfill the same needs as they do a porn film. I'm really not following peoples logic here AT ALL.

    I stand by the fact that Chyna didn't throw away her TNA Wrestling career - they just chose not to sign her because of a porn she filmed 5 months ago that is just now being released. She has actually been signed with IGF in Japan, so she will still be wrestling - just not in the hypocritical American Pro Wrestling companies.

  6. "In my opinion I think that Chyna may regret not working things out with TNA."

    TNA gave her an ultimatum - stop the release of her porn tape or not be offered a contract. Tell me, how exactly was Chyna supposed to stop the release of a porno she taped 5 or 6 months ago? With that being answered, how exactly would she have been able to work things out with TNA having being given that ultimatum?

    She was backed into a corner and asked to do something she had no control over being able to in order to get a career with TNA, thats the fact of the matter. Before anyone else comments, maybe you should check the facts.

  7. AaronstevensdunnJune 6, 2011 at 5:43 PM

    Iam soooo angry bout this .....she is soooo much better than this!!! ...she could of been in wrestling!

  8. Chyna is discusting ive lost all respect for her

  9. badvixon@yahoo.comJune 7, 2011 at 11:41 PM

    When Sean did night in china tna welcomed him with open arms

  10. i think this may be a cry for help, just like last time. It doesnt seem right :s

  11. I am shocked but will never lose faith in her. I pray she goes another direction. and maybe stops the tape and goes back into wrestling. I really miss the warrior princess from the wwf.

  12. she could even be a model and model as a warrior princess


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