Friday, June 10, 2011


Download full audio interview -Chyna came on to the "Happy Hour" radio show on June 9 and talked about her status with TNA, she mentioned that she got a call from TNA owner Vince Russo out of the blew to come in and work the story line with Kurt. Chyna said she would go back in the future if asked. She dispelled rumors that TNA told her they didn't want her back saying, she had only agreed to a one time deal, the show got huge ratings and that hadn't spoken to anyone since her Pay Per View match. but as far as she knew the door was still open.

She talked about her appreciation for Shawn Micheals and Triple H getting her into the industry and mentioned Shawn always looked out for her and pushed her into doing more with her wrestling career and mentioned her WWE days were some of the best days of her life and that she never really knew how big of a star she was until
after her wrestling days. In addition she said she was "over" the Triple H and Stephanie drama and has no ill feelings for them but wanted to set the record straight that her WWE release had nothing to do with money, but it was over the Triple H/Stephanie affair.

She thought Sable and Sunny were "great" and said she was still friends with Sunny. She also said she regretted not getting along better with Sable. Chyna said she had a hard time working with the women in the WWE because she had never worked with women before and felt awkward in the ring against them because of the size difference.

Chyna noted that today she is happy to be alive after several "close calls" and finally feels like she's in a happy place in her life and is extremely happy with the path she took in life because her struggles made her who she is today.

The hosts asked her about her mainstream projects after the WWE including movies, Playboy, television, "Surreal Life", "Celebrity Boxing", "Illegal Aliens" and much more. She said she never takes it personally when she is turned down for a part, and that to even be considered for roles like "T3" and "Wonder Woman" is an honor.

She said she loved "Surreal Life" and "Fame Games" and did it for fun. She credited "The Surreal Life" for "saving her" during a difficult time where she described herself as "mental". When asked about her ex-lover Sean, she said she never wanted to have contact with Sean Waltman ever again.

Chyna didn't really speak on her former PR company Model House Talent's comments on her new XXX tape, but did say she was thrilled about all of the amazing new projects she has. She explained the video with Vivid was therapeutic because she had "total control" of it, unlike the release of the 2004 sex tape with Sean Waltman which she said she had no control over the release. She said she enjoyed the experience with Vivid and that the confidence she gained from doing the new xxx tape has motivated her to hit the gym everyday and to live a healthy, sober life. Chyna mentioned she plans to do more adult films as well as regular films and wrestling in the future.

Chyna took calls from the fans. Chyna confirmed she is NOT on facebook and said that she was on it for awhile but could not keep up with all of it. She said that the fans hold her up and make her feel good. On her free time Chyna says she is learning Japanese, swimming, reading, dancing, sailing and traveling.

In conclusion, Chyna seemed to be at peace with the WWE situation, and her life in general. She seemed to be very healthy, happy and in control.


  1. great interview! Thank you for posting the full interview

  2. So happy that Chyna is in a good place. She sounds great and I am so glad that she has her confidence back. Very special and down to earth woman. Chyna 4ever


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