Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Chyna called into 1360 WNJC radio station in Philadelphia for the VOC WRESTLING NATION RADIO SHOW. Wrestling Journalist & friend of Chyna, Bill Apter spoke about his relationship with Chyna saying he knew her for years and called her "one of the nicest people" and a "sweetheart".

Chyna discussed her new video with Vivid, saying the video was shot last year and she feels life is short and she wants to take the opportunity to do everything in her life. She says Vivid helped her self esteem and made her feel beautiful. The video helped her re-gain control over some traumatizing experiences she had with the release of a 2004 sex tape which she said was released behind her back [the 1 night in China video]. She went on to say that she's in a good place in her life.

Chyna says she loved doing TNA and and it was a great expierence. She doesn't feel porn will prevent her from wrestling with them in the future, because she says she can do both. She says she is proud of accomplishments in wrestling. She also mentioned her deal with TNA happened overnight and thought it was "really cool" to come back out to the ring after 10 years.

Chyna was asked about her musical career and Chyna says she wanted to try everything but thought she was a "bad singer" so decided to leave it behind.

Bill Apter talked about re-connecting with his friend Chyna at last month's "Legends of the Ring" convention and noted how long her line was. Chyna
said it was very humbling to meet so many fans.

Chyna said she enjoyed her time with "Celebrity Rehab" but wished she could have gotten better therapy. She said it didn't help her but didn't hurt her

Chyna was asked about her relationship with Triple H and asked if she would come back to the WWE. Chyna says she's over Triple H and would come back
but that she hasn't heard from the WWE since 2001.

Chyna seemed to be in a good place, she was happy and emotionally together. Before she left Chyna mentioned she will be doing a lot of wrestling conventions and shows in coming months.

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