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The shoot interview series that has hosted visits from wrestling’s major provocateurs has seemingly been missing one of the women in the business who adequately fits that title. This glaring omission has transcended the wrestling business and not only continued to make splashes in the entertainment business, but she’s managed to stay a hot topic, on and off, without a booker or promoter’s help.

The first and only shoot-DVD series that can boast 100% fan content has announced Chyna will be filling that void on “YouShoot.” Producers Kayfabe Commentaries have officially begun taking submissions for the show today, as part of their “Summer of YouShoot.”

Chyna’s time away from WWE has been marked with controversial reality show appearances, a tumultuous relationship with “YouShoot” alumni Sean Waltman, and a foray into adult film. That flame was reignited by the release of her latest XXX film last month. It should seem onlfittingng that “YouShoot,” which has become a confessional for wrestling’s lightning rods, be her next stop.

“YouShoot” host and president of Kayfabe Commentaries Sean Oliver says he’s expecting a record number of submissions, and hopes for quality over quantity. “We know where a lot of the public will go in terms of questions for this one,” Oliver started. “It’ll be up to us to make sure those bases are covered of course, in the most entertaining and comical way. But there’s a ton to cover with Chyna in a more serious fashion also. She’s talented, hella provocative, and don’t be fooled…very, very smart. In so many ways, she’s the quintessential guest. This will be a standout edition of the series.”

Chyna appeared on Kayfabe Commentaries recent release “Wrestling’s Most Controversial Moment” and weighed in on some of the business’ hot topics. She will herself become one of those hot topics as she takes the hotseat, in front of the laptop on “YouShoot.”

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  1. Well ill be amazed if you manage to come up with something not allready beaten into the ground by other interviews. unless shes gone on some sort of a new binge lately, it doesnt look like there will be much new material... bbut then again... she is deffinatly one smart cookie.... if you guys dont get the job done efficiantly theres a good chance she will manage to flare it u- on her own. good luck yous! (none of what ive said was meant sarcastically if it sounded that way i apologize and truely wish you the best!) (


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