Thursday, September 22, 2011


The September 2011 issue of Power Slam features an interview with Chyna, who discussed her brief fling with TNA Wrestling, departing from WWE in 2001, her experience with Vivid Entertainment, and more.

Chyna made her TNA debut at the May 3, 2011 iMPACT! taping as she was introduced by Spike TV network consultant Mick Foley. "The Hardcore Legend" introduced Chyna as Kurt Angle's business associate and tag team partner at Sacrifice, where they would face Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett. During the taping she also participated in a battle royal, during which she eliminated Jeff. The former WWE Women's Champion explains how the partnership came out about.

"It was really odd because I got this phone call from them, totally out of the blue, asking if I wanted to get involved. I said, "Yes", and I was happy to go down there," she explains. "It all happened really fast. They called me, and I was on a plane the next day to Orlando."

Her stint with TNA lasted only two dates; she has not appeared for the organization since Sacrifice.

"What happened after Sacrifice was [TNA's] choice: I did the pay-per-view, I went home, and then I never heard from them again," she says.

During the June 6 episode of the Monday Night Mayhem podcast, Eric Bischoff said he was unhappy with TNA's decision to use Chyna at Sacrifice, adding that she had a "deer-in-the-headlights look" upon entering the ring. She was asked for comment on his remarks.

"I don't have any reaction to him. I'm living my life, and I'm happy with it. My life does not even pertain to him. I don't understand that sort of hatred."

The relationship between Triple H, her former real-life boyfriend, and Stephanie McMahon (with whom Chyna claims he had an affair and then left her for), was a major factor in her departure from WWE in 2001. She left the promotion on November 30, 2001, several months after she had been removed from television. Jim Ross later claimed that she was not fired, but rather chose to leave for personal reasons. Chyna, however, says otherwise.

"Yeah, I wanted to stay. I was not expecting to get a fax that said, "You will not be needed anymore" when I was still on contract. That was a surprise," Chyna says. "They faxed me at the restaurant I was eating lunch at. That was the last time I heard from the WWF.

"It was horrible, it really was."

Calum Waddell, who conducted the interview, noted that she altered her physical appearance during her time with WWE, specifically her face. She responds, "I just wanted to have [the surgery]... My reasons are personal. It was all my decision."

Seven years after releasing her horrifying sex tape, Chyna made her triumphant return to the adult film industry this year in an extremely graphic pornographic film for Vivid Entertainment, Backdoor To Chyna. She comments on her affiliation with the adult video company.

"The thing I love about Vivid is that I have not had to sign my life away to work with them," she says. "They are the number one company in the world, and are really pushing for me to be successful in any way I can, and I like that."


  1. So long as she is happy and well then that is all that matters, you must remember Chyna did not choose to leave the WWF/E she was pushed and i'm sure that's a situation we have all been in at some point.
    I'd rather see her happy in adult entertainment than seriously down and depressed.
    Fans should accept her career path and respect it's her decision, her call.


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