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Chyna has continually set the bar very high for herself. She graduated from college with a 3.9 GPA; speaks fluent Spanish, French and German; served in the ROTC and the Peace Corps; has been on the covers of numerous magazines from Playboy to People and on such TV shows as “The Surreal Life: Fame Games” and “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

Now she raises the bar even higher with a bold step into the world of adult entertainment. Vivid Video has released “Backdoor To Chyna”, Chyna’s first “full-out nasty” movie. “This is the XXX movie that I always wanted to make for my fans and it is full-out nasty,” says Chyna, who was called the “Ninth Wonder of the World” during her fighting days because of her aggressive wrestling style against both men and women. In addition to winning the WWF Women’s Championship, Chyna is the only female in professional wrestling history to compete full time in the men’s division, where she twice held the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

“I chose the guys in the movie and made sure that the sex is as wicked as it can be,” Chyna adds. “We did scenes in a warehouse, a bar, a gym and even in my own home in the Hollywood Hills – and I guarantee you it is hot, hot, hot.”

“I’ve always been a pioneer in my life and I am thrilled with this movie. I loved every minute of it. It made me feel beautiful and very sexy. My fans know that I’ve been through many obstacles and I want them to know that I feel and look better than ever and I’m definitely ready for them to see me close-up,” said Chyna. “I think almost every adult can use a little porn in their lives. If they don’t want to make a movie, they can benefit from watching one. And, if they don’t think sex is a natural human function, they should seek help.”

Sit back and enjoy our RAW interview with Vivid’s newest superstar, Chyna.

Chyna, there has been quite a bit going on for you lately. How have things been personally over the past few months?

I’m really happy. Things are going good. I feel well and I think I feel as good now as I did at the top of my wrestling days. The time with Playboy was some of the best times of my life. I’m feeling that way – especially right now – because I’ve been through my share of hell. Doing this project with Vivid has made me feel really good. They’ve treated me so well. It’s a great company and I was safe and able to be involved. It was something that was desperately needed at this time I think.

To hear you talk about it now and from what I’ve read in other interviews, you seem really excited about this. Is it safe to say this project with Vivid is kicking off another chapter in your career?

Most definitely. I think it’s just been waiting to happen. As anyone can see, my career has really evolved. This is something I didn’t expect to do but when the opportunity came up I thought, “Why should I NOT do this?” I couldn’t think of any reason! I just went for it. It’s a bold move but I’m bold also! It ended up being beyond my expectations.

I’m sure some people see this as a negative move personally and professionally. I sincerely think if you do it the right way and make the right decisions that it can almost be an empowering situation for you.

That was absolutely my reason for doing it. I made this decision with a clear mind. It’s not something I ever thought I would do. I never even watched a porn before I did this movie! It was a very emancipating feeling. I didn’t have to sign my life away to do it. I got treated well. I got more action in this porn than I have my entire life! (laughs) All of the elements were there for me. There was nothing negative about it. I’m comfortable with my body. I’m comfortable with what I was doing. It was almost therapeutic in a way. It kick-started me again. I went in prepared. I had a lot of armor on! I thought I was going to take a creaming when this came out! (laughs) I did it last November. I’ve been keeping it secret all this time. I’m having a lot of fun. I proud of the interview and the way it was done. It has been very empowering and it gave me a sense of control again.

The glamour is definitely there. It’s almost like you get to take on a rock star type of attitude.

It’s funny you say that. When I saw Rock Confidential that’s exactly what I thought. It’s a very free attitude. You leave all the drama at the door and just do your thing. It’s funny because I feel more mature and more responsible than I’ve ever been. (laughs) Back when I was wrestling I was very responsible, too. I don’t know if I’ve matured or what, but it all seems more controlled now.

I think you’re in a perfect position because you are your own brand. It’s like owning a business and you’re the ultimate product. I think you’ll have so much more pride and success because your name – the name you fought so hard for – is on whatever you do.

Exactly. I fought really hard for a long time to get my name. I finally got my name in 2007 after going to court for seven years. This is the first thing I’ve done with my name on it. I didn’t do this to be famous. The opportunity came up and I couldn’t say no. I’m known for taking chances and I’ve done everything in my career. It doesn’t affect my wrestling. It doesn’t affect my acting.

People that don’t really get it keep asking you if you think this move will alienate your fans. I just don’t get it. If anything you’re appealing to the people familiar with your career.

Everybody has this reaction – like a “Go Chyna!” attitude. I thought I’d have to be on the defense but it hasn’t been that way. It’s made me happy. Some people saw the struggle after the carpet was pulled out from underneath me and I’m happy now. It’s real. I’m in a good place. A much better place than I’ve been in a very long time.

So where do you see this going? Are there other movies in the works? Do you get “creative control” with future projects?

I don’t know where were going to go from here. I didn’t expect this one to go so well. I knew it was a great experience and I enjoyed it so well. We’re definitely talking about doing another one. After doing the first one and not knowing what to expect I really don’t have any fears about doing another one. Now that I’ve gone through it once I can only guess that it would be something better. I’d like to do more adult films for sure. I’d like to do more mainstream stuff. If wrestling comes up I’d like to do that. Maybe write another book. Like you said, it’s another chapter and I’d like to do everything I could do that comes my way if I choose to.

All the wrestling fans saw you on Impact Wrestling. Was that a one-time gig or do you think you’ll be working with them again? Did they know about your video for Vivid?

You know, I don’t know if there is a future with them. I knew it was a one-time thing to fill in the gap for the Karen and Jeff Jarrett angle. It was really great for me to see old friends. It was wonderful to be there. I don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s never been any talks. I didn’t tell anybody about this movie because it was a separate project, ya know? I didn’t need to tell anybody.

You were supposed to have this emotionless face when you made that appearance on Impact, but deep down I could tell you were really glad to be there.

(laughs) I really, really was. It was a surprise phone call from Vince Russo – out of the blue. I think people were fearful because they didn’t know how I was going to react. Why would I react badly? I don’t have a beef with them. There are certain people I refuse to see nowadays because I have issues with them but it was great to go back. I don’t know why it took so long for somebody to pick up the phone and call me.

Maybe they won’t wait so long next time! Hopefully they’ve got the message now!

(laughs) Maybe!

So what would you like to say straight to the fans to wrap everything up?

When you don’t think about how people will judge you or what they’re gonna think and you do something you genuinely want to do – don’t ever quit. Keep going for your dreams. Life is meant to be lived and I believe we’re put on this Earth to be happy. The only one’s that can judge you are you and God. Make your own choices and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.

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