Sunday, February 19, 2012


BIG BUZZ FOR CHYNA’S NEXT VIVID FILM -- leaked word this week that “Former WWE superstar Chyna is finally getting back in the ring ... taking on 9 dudes at the same time ... except it's for a porno movie.” According to the TMZ report, “Chyna was totally serious about pursuing a XXX career ... and just wrapped up on a Royal Rumble-inspired flick in which she locks up with a bunch of dudes who all look like famous wrestlers ... including a wannabe Hulk Hogan, wannabe Triple H, wannabe Ric Flair and more. Weird thing is ... Chyna and the REAL Triple H actually dated for a while before he married Stephanie McMahon back in 2003. The WWE obviously has no affiliation with the Vivid Entertainment flick. We called the wrestling titans for comment, but haven't heard back yet.” The report got picked up immediately by other media, including, which carried its piece under the headline: “Oh boy, Vince will not be happy…” Hundreds of pop culture, gossip and wrestling sites and blogs also did stories based on the TMZ item. "QUEEN OF THE RING" will be released soon1


  1. From the pictures I have seen on TMZ the movie looks like a very low budget movie! BUT we will have to wait and see?

  2. when is it out?

    1. when is it out...when is it in...when is it out...when is it in...?

  3. will there be any woman on woman wrestling, any lesbian action?
    any exgtra footage of Chyna being sexy?

  4. I hope this movie will be released as soon as possible.

    9 guys and Chyna, there is nothing more I wished for.

  5. The guy playing Triple H looks like Woody Harrelson with a fake mustache.

  6. i really hope chna gives a footjob in this and get her soles cummed on. would be awesome.

  7. what happend now, release in August?

    the trailer on is no longer available!
    no news about the postponement!
    will that movie ever be released?

  8. I read on Adult DVD that it won't be released until Sept. sometime, WTF ????


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