Sunday, April 29, 2012


Wrestling legend turned Vivid star Chyna has given a pre-Exxxotica Miami Beach interview to, the popular Florida website in which she “Talks about the transition from the ring to under the sheets.” Exxxotica Miami gets underway May 18th at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Reporter Bob Emanuel Jr. writes: You probably remember Chyna, the female wrestling champion, but did you know she is now a star in the world of adult films?” In her interview with Emanuel, Chyna comments on her role as She-Hulk in AvengersXXX: A Porn Parody, noting, “Any comic book movie is cool to be in, no matter what it is. I loved Wonder Woman and that type of superhero stuff, mostly watching it on television.” Asked if it was “awkward” to move from pro wrestling to adult films, Chyna said, “The funny thing is, when I first decided to do a movie, I didn’t tell anybody because, in my mind, I was like, ‘What are people going to think?’ Then two seconds later, ‘I don’t care. I’m just going to wait and see, wait for it to happen.’ I get more respect from people now than I ever have because it’s gone beyond the wrestling. I think that people are just understanding, whether they like what I’m doing or they don’t which apparently most people do, you have to respect that. It’s a choice that I made finally. I’m treated well. I’m happy, and it shows. I think that, in some ways, I’m just starting to get it myself, sending a message to people. I thought people are really going to beat me up over this. People talk bad about all kinds of stuff, but I get so much respect and love from people everywhere. It’s really quite amazing…Vivid actually was my first opportunity to really allow me to shine in that way. And it didn’t hurt my sex life either. It got started again.”

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