Saturday, May 19, 2012


Chyna collapsed last night at the Exxxotica convention. Chyna was rushed back to her hotel and spent the night in bed. Chyna had been sick for much of the week, complaining of flu symptoms and a heavy work schedule. Chyna claims she took some cold medicine and then had a drink for lunch, making her feel even more weak, resulting in her passing out on stage yesterday. "It's weird because I've been feeling so good lately, almost like She-Hulk, my character in Vivid's Avengers XXX. But then I started to get a cold and feel weary. I think I overdid it with the cold medicine and a glass of wine at lunch. I feel much better now" Chyna said.

This morning after arriving at the Exxxotica convention, again Chyna passed out in the lobby and was rushed to the hospital. Chyna has since been released and is recovering. reported that on Thursday night Chyna had been drinking and partying hard at the hotel to the point where she was kicked out of a party after passing out by the pool but Chyna's passing out was NOT due to heavy drinking or partying according to her manager. In an e-mail to, Dave Micheals said, "Despite some pubished reports Chyna's hospital visit was not due to excessive drinking or partying but was due to her being sick and overworked, Chyna was running a high fever this morning and is alive and well and resting at her hotel tonight."

NOTE: Many fans e-mailed me throughout the day asking me why I had not reported on this story. When I first heard the news my first concern was NOT in posting the story, but was making sure Chyna was ok... While I have never met Chyna before I have talked to her over the phone and over e-mail many times in the past and have gotten to know that she is a great person inside and out. Once it was established that Chyna was indeed ok I wanted to make sure I got the story straight. While I do respect TMZ they do tend from time to time to not be the most accurate, I wanted to get all sides to the story before I posted any rumors. Best wishes to you Chyna!


  1. I hope she's ok and has a quick recovery.

  2. good to hear & second those sentiments above

  3. I have an eery feeling that she's nearing her end. That is heart shattering for me to even think about, but I can't help but feel that it's on the horizon.


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