Monday, May 14, 2012


Chyna called in to the Creedence & Bishop radio show to discuss many topics from wrestling, Playboy, drugs and working with Vivid.

Chyna mentioned how wrestling has changed over the years. Chyna said she loved the "soap oprah" aspect of it and said she loved working with Eddie Gurrero. She also said she felt she paved the way for many women in wrestling and says she charishes her days in wrestling calling it "the best days of my life".When asked about Triple H she says she respects him as a ring general but that WWE does not return her calls.

She mentioned her name is legally Chyna after going to court to fight for her name and mentioned her own company is Ninth Wonder INC.

Chyna also mentioned Playboy was "very good" to her but that doing the Playboy prevented her from winning the world title because Vince McMahon did not want her to do it and said Vince McMahon got most of her money from Playboy.

Chyna talked about working with Steven Hirsh (Vivid owner) and said he treats her very well with a lot of respect. She said she is far beyond the ring and has gone from a muscular body to a lean, sexy body she said as long as it took her to build up her muscle, it's taken her just as long to get leaner.

She said she is happy now to be doing feature films with Vivid. Chyna mentioned she originally did "Backdoor to Chyna" to "erase" "1 Night in China" in a way and now enjoys working with Vivid.

Chyna mentioned she is doing her own "She Hulk" movie with Vivid later this year, as an "Avengers XXX" spin-off. She said none of her past feature films have been as nice as Vivid and that she feels "privlaged" to work with Vivid. "I've done the whole Hollywood thing and Vivid is where I want to be". Chyna said.

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