Thursday, July 19, 2012


We've seen many faces of Chyna through out the years including, the rough 'em up tough girl, the strong yet sensitive Playboy pin up, the rocker, the party girl, the soft spoken girl. All of these personalities are all Chyna and are the the personalities she is best known and loved for.

Now Chyna is showing all sides of her personality in a new book called "Alter Ego". Chyna will pose as Marilyn Monroe, Carmen Electra, The "Bad Girl" and The "All American Pin Up" in this photo book. Chyna and famous photographer & fashion designer Emillio O have teamed up yet again to bring fans this one of a kind book.

"Alter Ego is a work of fiction. It is a book inspired by the people I photograph. It is the exploration of the other self that exists within the mind of every human being." the book's author and photographer Emillio O said on his website. "The people in this book are exploring their alter egos through their own body of work and artistic expression. They are models, actors, ballet dancers, media personalities and artist, who celebrate life through art, film and dance."

Chyna is featured on the cover and in several layouts of the book. Chyna and Emillio O have been friends for many years and first teamed up in 2009 to produce their book "Paper Doll" which rose to the top of the book charts in the "Contemporary Art" category and reached the top 500 online book sales at

"Alter Ego" will be available later this year to buy at KINDLE E-Books and WWW.EMILLIOO.COM

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