Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The 9th Wonder of the World Chyna took to her twitter @chynachyna9 today to comment on the World Wrestling Entertainment and their 1000 episode of "Raw is War."

"Hi everyone. Just wanted to check in & offer my congrats on the 1000 episode of Raw. I was not asked to appear but I have a few thoughts. I am very proud to have played a role in the history making event that Raw is. I have many found memories from my time there." Chyna said. "To all the WWE fans, Thank You for welcoming us into your living rooms each week and into your lives. We are who we are because of you. As for Degeneration X, the most powerful group in the history of the WWE, I am very proud to have been a part of that. And if you're not down with DX, I have two words for you: SUCK IT! XOXO!"

Chyna went on to comment on Eddie Guerrero and her relationship with him.

"People have asked me about Eddie Guerrero many times. I would like to keep my memories of him to myself. However, for this event, let me say that Eddie was a talented performer & a very good friend. He always made me feel special in the ring. R.I.P. to the great Eddie Guerrero. I love you and miss you from your "Mamacita", Chyna"

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  1. Chyna is still my hero! Very disappointed in the WWE! Chyna played a very important role in DX and she should have been invited to the reunion! Hell, Chyna was one of the WWE's top stars back in her time!!! Ugh...but on the bright side, I'm very proud of Chyna keeping her head up and being a bigger woman by not trashing the WWE. If you ever read this Chyna, "you're still my hero! I feel that one day the WWE will give you the recognition you disserve! But as of now, keep doing you!" - a loyal fan-patty pfrancisco671@gmail.com


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