Thursday, July 12, 2012


A few weeks ago reported exclusively that Chyna and famous photographer & fashion designer Emillio O have teamed up again for another book. Their first book "Paper Doll" achieved success on, even reaching number 1 in sales on the "Contemporary Art" book list. Chyna and Emillio O's next book will be called "Alter Ego" and gives an inside look into fashion and photography.

"Alter Ego is a work of fiction. It is a book inspired by the people I photograph. It is the exploration of the other self that exists within the mind of every human being.

My photographs are sometimes darkly provocative, sometimes theatrically posed and sometimes with a hint of eroticism. But they are always honest and real. I use photographs as a narrative medium to challenge a society that seems increasingly fractured and fragmented by fears and stereotypes.

The people in this book are exploring their alter egos through their own body of work and artistic expression. They are models, actors, ballet dancers, media personalities and artist, who celebrate life through art, film and dance.

A new photo extravaganza by Emillio O. Featuring Sports Icon and media personality CHYNA as MARILYN, CARMEN, BAD GIRL and THE ALL AMERICAN PIN-UP! AVAILABLE SOON -KINDLE E-BOOKS AT AMAZON.COM"

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