Tuesday, September 18, 2012


The following was posted on vivid.com's website under "news insider", about "Chyna is Queen of the Ring"

"CHYNA IS QUEEN OF THE RING" REVIEWED ON WRESTLING WITH POP CULTURE SITE – The website WrestlingWithPopCulture.com has reviewed Chyna is Queen of the Ring in an article title “Chyna’s return to the ring may not be what wrestling fans were expecting.” The reviewer says he began watching at the “beginning when Chyna’s in the locker room getting ready for her first match and Vince (McMahon) and Stephanie McMahon walk in. It looks like Chyna’s going to finally get revenge on Vince for firing her, and Steph for marrying Triple H, but they’re all able to do what’s best for business and get really friendly with each other. I never realized Vince had all those tattoos but I guess he’s gotten some since I last saw him with his shirt off. And I’ve always wondered if Steph’s boobs were fake, but now I’m pretty sure they are. But, I mean, you know.” With tongue in cheek, the reviewer concludes: “it’s weird how all the wrestlers look a little different than usual. I guess maybe they were off the juice going into these matches. But it’s a pretty good show and good to see Chyna back in action.”

"Chyna is Queen of the Ring" is available online at vivid.com today and in adult video stores everywhere!

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