Tuesday, November 20, 2012


"Addicted to Fame", is a behind the scenes documentary about Chyna and Anna Nicole Smith's film "Illegal Alens". "Addicted to Fame" is due out in theaters, on i-tunes and on demand November 30,2012.

" Joanie Laurer, also known as “Chyna” from her former days in the WWE, was a lock after a smashing screen test for the villain, Rex. Chyna was amazing, professional and perfect for the villain. Still, we had yet to cast the blond, innocent alien named Lucy. I said three words that would change history: ANNA NICOLE SMITH. You could hear a pin drop in the conference room, then the laughter started. We started to think of pairing Chyna and Anna, what a hilarious trainwreck it would be. People would HAVE to see the film, no matter how it came out. It would be like slowing down while driving by a car crash. No one could help NOT watching." -Director David Giancola

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  1. Webmaster, can u please find out whats going on with Chyna?? She deleted all her social media accounts. I sent u a tweet on twitter, im @Luchadolls. Im really concerned about her, people have been bullying her on twitter relentlessly!! I hope she knows how much her fans love her and respect her! Could you please fill us in?! Thank you, and happy belated Thanksgiving!!!!


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