Monday, December 10, 2012


World famous fashion photographer and co-author to Chyna's 2009 fashion book "Paper Doll" Emillio O is set to release another book featuring Chyna called "Alter Ego". In this new book Chyna models as Marilyn Monroe, Carmen Electra, The Bad Girl and The All American Pin-Up.

According to Emillio, "Alter Ego" is set for release on Kindle E-Books and right around Christmas time (most likely Dec. 25) and will make the perfect Holiday gift for any Chyna fan.

Emillio O is well known in the fashion world and the world of photography. As the director of Chyna's 2009 best seller "Paper Doll" Emillio helped come up with many concepts in the book. "Alter Ego" is somewhat of a "sequel" to "Paper Doll" and is sure to please all fans.

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  1. well its been a month since the supposed release.
    really want to buy this book, money no object.


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