Sunday, January 20, 2013


With all of the fake Chyna accounts on the internet and people pretending to be Chyna, has posted some ways you can spot a fake social media account of Chyna's right away.

1) Any account using the name Joanie Laurer or Joanie Chyna Laurer is instantly a fake. Chyna changed her name in 2007 from Joanie Laurer to Chyna and does not use Joanie ever!

2) Copyright photos. You see many fake accounts using copyright photos or photos found commonly on the web. On authentic Chyna accounts you rarely find common photos and tend to find personal webcam photos.

3) Any accounts with news copy and pasted from the web. Chyna uses her own words to report news on herself, not other websites.

4) Beautifully done graphics are another sign. Don't get me wrong I love Chyna and I am glad she is on the web for us to talk to but Chyna is the first one to admit she is not an expert on using the internet or making websites so any social network site with a well done background or graphic is most likely a fake.

5) Speech patterns not like Chyna's are another sign. This one can be hard to tell but to someone who has followed Chyna's social media history it can be figured out.

6) Remember that currently Chyna's ONLY social media outlet is on twitter. Chyna can only be found at She is not on facebook or myspace. If she does create other social media sites it will likely be found on her twitter account @chynadesu

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