Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Chyna's manager has released the following press statement to for immediate release... Please pass on.

"Hello. My name is Ralph Terry and I am the manger to the 2 time WWF Intercontinental Champion, undefeated WWF Woman’s Champion and founding member of D-Generation X Chyna.

It has recently come to our attention that there is someone on the social site called Twitter that has been impersonating Chyna under her old Twitter user name of ChynaChyna9_. I want to assure all of her fans that this account is a fake. Chyna is no longer on Twitter under the name ChynaChyna9_ or the most recent name of Chynadesu. We are also aware that this person, in an attempt to legitimize himself/herself, has posted a video which is their proof that this person is Chyna. The video, which can be seen at is a professionally done forgery. The audio has been lifted and edited from the video that Chyna & I did in NY after she won her Fleshbot Award. You can see this video at The end of the video where she is blowing a kiss at the screen has been taken from the video that was in called Meeting Playboy’s Chyna. You can see the video yourself at If you fast forward to 5:14, you will see where this imposter has taken the footage of Chyna singing a song and cut it where it looks like she is blowing a kiss.

Also, all of the photos that this person is using have all been photos that are widely available either off of Chyna’s old Facebook page or from a general Google search.

I also want to take this opportunity to give some information on a few Tweets that this person wrote. This person stated that Chyna is back on good terms with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and that her becoming a member of the WWE Hall of Fame might happen soon. As much as I would love to say that, the truth is that there has been no communication with Vince McMahon or the WWE about Chyna possibly being elected into the Hall of Fame. Many people have also been inquiring about why Chyna was not at Raw 1000 with the reformed DX. The WWE never extended an invitation for her to be there. This person has also stated that he/she would soon have a website available and was taking bookings under the e-mail address of Let me assure you all that this is not the way we do business. Chyna does not have a website coming soon and all booking would be either done through me at our business e-mail of or through Vivid Video itself. So please, do not and I can’t say this loudly enough, DO NOT send this person any money. Bookings are done through signed legal contracts, not over the net. Chyna is currently living in Japan so she will not be appearing at Exxotica next month in Atlantic City or at the Exxotica to be held in May at Ft. Lauderdale in Florida.

I hope this has shed some light on a situation that can possibly get out of hand quickly. I just want to assure all of Chyna’s fans that all is being done to solve this situation as quickly as possible.

Ralph Terry "


  1. Thank you for reporting the truth. I am e-mailing you because an account claiming to be Chyna on FB has asked for money for autographs

    1. Chyna will never ask money for autographs. If anyone ever does do not send them money.

  2. How much Fan money would it take to get Chyna to have a seat with us at a live WWE Monday nite raw taping in the crowed Front Row flight accommodation's food and transportation WE the fans want a $ amount because we want to Buck the system


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