Monday, July 29, 2013


PWINSIDER.COM reports that all D-GENERATION X members including Chyna are under consideration for the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 before Wrestlemania 30. It is unknown at this time if Chyna would attend the event if she was invited but according to PWINSIDER.COM, Chyna has had some early communications with WWE about the possibility of a Hall Of Fame induction and it's something that might genuinely happen. Chyna was the most successful female to wrestle in professional wrestling history. She dominated the men's division winning multiple championships against the men and would end up being the only undefeated women's champion in WWE history.


  1. That's awesome! Hope she gets her place into the HOF with the guys. She truly deserves it x

  2. She deserves it!

  3. You know, as a lil guy growing up back in the day, Chyna was one of my main heroines growing up, I was inspired that a women can play with, handle, and won against the big boys! (especially since the boys where a bunch of douchebags). What caught my eye was her strength, her sportsmanship, and that she didnt take shit from anyone, plus SHE FOUGHT GUYS, WHILE WWE OF TODAY GOT NOTHING IN TERMS OF WOMEN WHO' STRENGTH CAN MATCH HERS!!! Would be nice if, just like Trish Stratus, she would return to wrestling, and bring back the strength that the Divas devision needed (and intergender matches, which would be nice to see more of(srsly, WWE only had beth pheonix rivaling hers, but beth didnt like wrestling men cause she thought its stupid, boy she was clueless) I mean, she may have done porn, but most wrestlers did worse things morlly than porn. though if she does return, either WWE, Indie wrestling or bodybuilding competitions, she should try getting back to her former glory, I mean, your never old to work out and build muscle, just look at April Huter, Melissa Coates, hell even Victoria! And since she was once muscular, it wouldnt be hard for her, all she gotta o is start small and continue till her strength is back! and plus she needs to look up on the future, after all, we all probably been in her boots by breakups, crazy antics, hell even porn! All she gotta do is accept, look back, and learn her mistakes, and continue on as the strong, powerful woman we all remember her as!!! Chyna, if you somehow read or get this comment this, then listen up!! THE REMAINDER OF YOUR FANS LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU!!, DONT GIVE UP, DONT LET THE HATERS, BAD MEMORIES, OR DOUCHEBAGS GET AHEAD OF YOUR BEAUTIFAL AMAZON LEGACY!!! CONTINUE ON, DONT GIVE UP!!! SHOW THEM DIVAS LIKE AJ LEE, KAITLYN, NAOMI NIGHT, AND THE BELLAS WHAT A DIVA, no wait, WHAT A WOMENS CHAMPION CAN DO!!!

    Don't treat her like a woman
    Don't treat her like a man
    Don't treat her like you know me
    Just treat her for who I am

    and that is A LEGEND!!!!

  4. oh nd srry for that mile long ass comment, would be nice if they do let her in the hall of fame! though if somehow she got to see that long ass comment o posted earlier, would be nice, hopefully it could motivate her former self, oh a guy can dream!

  5. Excited can't waif u deserve it my one and only 9th wonder of the world u should be contracted back n get paid double what u got hope u get back in wwe TV they can forgive u if they forgave Rena mero after a bad lawsuit ...they screwd u Vince Stephen n hunter u deserve a comback

  6. Congradulations... I hope! There is an old video of her .. when she was in training with Kawalski that is eye opening at you tube! I have the photos and letter "Before all!" The letter she sent me that made me not want her to travel through the basement to get to her "Impossible dreams" as she called them.. "do-able... Make that "Done-able" ones.. itme to item.. achievememt to achievement! I whish she could remember me.. and "just write!" me again.. E mail.. Best in getting through McMahon's Goons!


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