Sunday, August 11, 2013


I usually try to keep my personal opinions out of most news stories on this site, but occasionally something gets my blood pressure up so high that I must rant... I am, how shall I put this? Disgusted! Yes disgusted is the right word with the wrestling media making Chyna out to be a villain or a bad person because of the fact she starred in several adult films with Vivid.

I read an article on the bleacher report saying Chyna wont be inducted into the Hall of Fame ever because of her adult film career and because she never apologized to the McMahon family. First of all, it is possible that Chyna wont be inducted into the Hall of Fame because of her adult film career, it's unfortunate that we put such a stigma on adult films but many people do. Still regardless of weather she is in the WWE Hall of Fame or not Chyna did more for wrestling than any other woman in history and weather they choose to acknowledge it or not everyone knows that Chyna deserves the Hall of Fame more than anyone else.

The statement in the article that really got me wound up was the statement about "apologizing". Now unless I missed something Vince McMahon was the one who fired Chyna because her boyfriend had an affair with the Vince McMahon's daughter. The WWE didn't even tell Chyna to her face that she was fired, they faxed her. So unless the earth's orbit has changed and everything in the world is now backwards Chyna is not the one that should be apologizing, the McMahon's should be.

I do admit Chyna has been vocal and candid about her opinions of the McMahon's but I can honestly say if I was in her shoes I probably wouldn't be speaking highly of them either.

Now back to my first point. Why is the wrestling media making a villain out of Chyna for doing some adult films? Had it been a former male WWE star I don't think there would have been as many negative reports.

Let's break this down a little bit. I would make a villain out of anyone who was committing an illegal act at their job. I would also make a villain out of someone who was harming others and I would make a villain out of someone who was mean to others.

Let's see now when thinking about Chyna's time with Vivid. Did she commit a crime by being in these movies? NO. Was Chyna harming herself or anyone else by doing these movies? NO. Was Chyna mean to anyone? I personally can't answer that because I didn't work with Chyna on these films but after reading several articles and interviews from people who worked with Chyna on these films they all described her in a very positive light. Director Axel Braun said Chyna was "professional and a joy to work with" in the February 2013 edition of AVN Magazine.

So what could it be then? Why make a villain out of Chyna? Well when searching for an answer you always look to the most obvious answers. We already determined Chyna was not doing illegal acts, she was not causing harm to anyone and it sounds like she was a joy to work with so it must be something else... Perhaps it's the writers on these news websites. Perhaps they are upset that they don't have a job that pays as well as Vivid did for Chyna. Perhaps they had dreams of being famous themselves and could never make it or perhaps they are jealous that while they sit typing away in their office spitting hate they catch a glimpse of themselves, seeing that at age 27 they could never come close to looking as good as Chyna who is almost 43. Or maybe their lives have become so sad that they have to bash others to boost their own ego. For me, I'll start judging others when I become perfect and since none of us ever will be perfect, I guess I'll choose to remain judgement free and I will live and let live.

And Chyna good luck to you in whatever you choose to do. If you want to teach then do it. If you want to work with Vivid then do it. It's your life, no one else has the right to judge you. We only live once so do what makes you happy and don't worry about anything else.

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  1. Media is bullshit, the mcmahons were the ones responsible for her breakdown in recent years, hopefully she'll return to her former glory, and if not in wwe, she should try the indies, after all, there's gotta be some people who remebered the legacy she left back, and would probably help her!

    Damn media and its evil grip :/


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