Saturday, January 4, 2014


Chyna recently took to twitter to answer a series of fan questions for the New Year... Here are the highlights from the fan Q&A... To read more or ask Chyna your own questions visit Chyna on twitter at

Note: These questions were taken from several days worth of questions. Chyna is very busy and may not have time to answer everyone's questions or might not answer right away.

Q: What do you do in Japan? -@Bgz1219
A: I teach English to Japanese students.. Japan has school every day with only a very short break, but they go year round.

Q: What is the single most important lesson you've learned throughout the years? -@LuchaDolls
A: To trust my own instincts and take some peoples advice with a grain of salt because their wants probably are not mine.

Q: Do u currently have any hobbies Chyna? -@LuchaDolls
A: Just walking my dog. I work to much to have a hobby. One of my favorite past hobbies is sailing. I LOVE THE WATER. I LOVE THE BEACH

Q: Are you coming back to Fargo,ND and the northern soon?- @RustyHartmann
A: Never know what the future holds.

Q: Do u have students asking u stuff like OMG ur chyna & then ask u wrestling related questions in class? -@Windycity
A: It took a while for them to figure out who I am. They were a little star struck but it passed away. The Japanese aren't that impressed with celebrities unless you're someone like Angelina Jolie or Tom Cruise.

Q: Do you coach others on fitness at all? -@mediajack
A: No I don't coach fitness at all. I f someone asks me I would give them some advise.

Q: How is life in Japan? Do you tour much? Were you there during the Earthquake and tsunami? - @TheMediaJack
A: Life is good here. I've seen some sights. No I was not here then. I missed it by a month... You still get nervous that it could happen again especially after the one that just hit Thailand.

Q: Do you have any more adult films in the works? I really enjoyed the ones you have out. -@kjnesttv
A: No I do not. That is over.

Q: If you could relive any moment of your life and live it differently what moment would you choose? -@EddieHartlee
A: There are way too many to choose from

Q: Do you workout like yo use to? -@suntan_x
A: No. No more weight lifting. Just cardio and yoga.

Q: You lived a fast paced life with the WWE is it weird to slow down a little? -@Ben_Brown98
A: It was at first but I have done a lot of things to keep myself active. But teaching is just as hard as the WWE

Q: What languages do you speak? -@Flyonthewall2012
A: I speak English, Spanish, Japanese and German

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