Saturday, February 22, 2014


Chyna has officially announced the winners for the t-shirt contest design. the new Chyna t-Shirts will be available to purchase soon. Details on how to purchase the shirts will be posted at and on Chyna's official twitter @chynatheicon when they are available.

Below is an official press statement from Chyna regarding the contest:

" Hello everyone. I want to thank all of my fans that submitted their original art to my very first Fan Art T-shirt contest. My fans have been sending me their interpretations of myself since my very beginnings in wrestling. I thought that this would be a fun way for my fans to help me in the creation of new original line of Chyna T-shirt’s. All that sent in their art work are some very talented individuals. Originally there was going to be one winner but I decided to change that. I wanted a T-shirt that not only my male fans would enjoy but also have one that would appeal to my female fans. So, the winner of this contest are; John Nemo from North Carolina and Erica DeJoseph from New York. John’s graphic art is a homage to a character that I was being considered to play many years ago on the big screen, a female Terminator. Erica’s art is of me in the form of a water painting. When I look at this not only is it very abstract but it bring a lot of slight hints of things that I love such as water, sunlight and sunglasses There were others that submitted art work so I would like to also thank Felipe Dumas Varon from Chicago (@PhoeboBuffay ); Claire Napier; and Brooklyn Vega from California (@chyna9thfan) for all the beautiful art work that they submitted. "

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  1. I'm so amazed. It was my pleasure to make my Fan-Arts for her. I didn't won but I'm happy that Chyna considered my work beautiful. It was worth it.


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