Sunday, June 15, 2014


Below has compiled a list of the questions that have been asked of Chyna the most on twitter and her general answers. This may help anyone who has a question for Chyna to prevent over asking of the same questions.

Q 1) What is Chyna currently doing?
A 1) Teaching in Japan

Q2) What does Chyna teach in Japan?
A2) English

Q3) What grade does Chyna currently teach?
A3) Chyna does not teach children. She teaches adults, business people looking to do business in the US and UK

Q4) Will Chyna do any more adult films?
A4) Currently there are no plans for her to do any more adult films.

Q5) Why did Chyna stop doing adult films?
A5) Her contract was up with Vivid and she no longer wanted to do adult films

Q6) Is Chyna coming back to the WWE?
A6) Currently there are no plans for her to come back, but if given the opportunity Chyna would take the offer very seriously.

Q7) What is Chyna's current opinion of the women's division?
A7) Chyna does not currently watch the product and has stated she has no opinions on it since she doesn't watch wrestling.

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