Thursday, June 11, 2015


CHYNA HAS RETURNED TO THE UNITED STATES. Chyna is in the process of filming a new documentary. Called "The Reconstruction of Chyna". For more details click here.

In the testosterone-fueled world of the WWE, Chyna defied her male competitors and not only became a fan favorite, but also won the World Title, the Intercontinental Title (twice), and was the top contender for the Heavyweight Crown. Chyna was a Goddess among men. And a total badass.

But, it would not last.

Chyna was crushed when her fiancĂ©, Triple H, left her for Stephanie McMahon, the boss’ daughter. He married Stephanie, and became heir to the WWE Throne. A cold blow to Chyna, but that was only the beginning…

Chyna was ostracized from the WWE and her royalty checks were cut off. With nothing left, she spiraled into the worlds of Reality TV and Pornography.

After struggling with negative public perception and her own mistakes, Chyna sought refuge in Japan. A new life in a new country. She taught foreign language for years, began meditating and doing yoga, and eventually she was able to pull her life back together.

Now, she is finally ready to return to the country that made her a star… and took it all away from her. Is she ready to confront the demons of her past? Is there even a place for her in the U.S.anymore? Our documentary will objectively follow Chyna across the country, as she rediscovers herself with old friends, celebrities, haters and fans as she tries to begin her life again.

Chyna’s rise to stardom in a male-dominated sport is an inspiration to women everywhere who are struggling to overcome the tremendous odds stacked against them.

This is phase one... phase one of an awesome experience Chyna wants her fans to be a part of. This summer is going to be one for the ages as Chyna reconnects with her family, friends, fans, and the country she had left behind. [Continue reading]

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