Saturday, September 26, 2015


Chyna's comedy movie, Frank McKlusky CI will be airing on October 20th at 9:00pm and November 1 at 10:30pm on Starz.

Chyna plays the role of Freeda a menacing gatekeeper of the company’s classified files with a very unique fashion sense.

"The best part in playing Freeda is I happen to love costumes and makeup. In this movie, I get to wear every kind of costume and imitate celebrities very badly. I wear a little Madonna outfit, the famous Jennifer Lopez dress and the Catwoman outfit, amongst other very horrible outfits." Chyna told Entertainment Tonight many years ago when talking about the movie.

The story of an insurance claims investigator who takes his job a little too seriously. As a child Frank (Dave Sheridan) watched his daredevil father wipe out in a horribly-conceived motorcycle stunt, and since then, Frank's developed an unhealthy aversion to any kind of risk: he lives with his parents, wears a helmet everywhere he goes, and lives his life strictly by the rules. When his partner is killed in the line of duty, Frank's forced to come out of his shell to crack the case.

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