Thursday, March 10, 2016


The following press release was sent out by the director of Chyna's new documentary "The Reconstruction of Chyna". There are exciting new updates including a release date for a trailer in May and a tentative 2017 release as well as some big surprises! You can still pledge money to the film by clicking here. For more details on the film please visit

Hello to all our fans and backers!

I apologize for not updating in quite a while, as we have been swamped working on this project and traveling. We have secured interviews with subjects that you would never expect to see on this. Many surprises! I'm certain you will be excited once you see our first trailer! We will have our first trailer for the film in May of this year! Our backers will be the first to see it, before it goes public.

The film is well into production! As with all documentaries, situations change and grow, so we are going to continue to film for the next year and not miss a beat. Then editing, composing music, sound mix and the many aspects of post production will follow. I hope to have a final film for you in Spring of 2017.

Rest assured, everyone will be receiving their awards, however delayed, we must focus on the ever changing landscape of Chyna's life and progress now in LA. I promise we will keep you more in the loop. To be honest, I have been so focused on production, it was hard to find a moment to update you all. Because this film has become bigger than we ever expected (we can't publicly say why yet), we are still seeking executive producers to help continue production and more importantly, post production. Documentaries like this capture hundreds of hours of footage, along with researching and collecting every single piece of media Chyna was ever featured on during her career over the last 15 years. This all will cost money to license from various sources. We have also been in touch with major networks and distributors who are very interested.

Do not fear, this film is well on its way to being completed, and will be completed. The story has become deeper and even more profound than I could have ever imagined. I would rather have a great film come out later than expected, than throw together something and push it out too soon. Chyna and all women who have gone through similar experiences deserve to have their stories told in the best way possible. Much love to all our backers, we thank you for your patience as we continue delving deep into the tapestry of Chyna's life.

I'm proud to say I have been hiring as many women as possible in all aspects of this production to ensure I have a good understanding of the female experience. If you are interested in helping, or know someone who is, please contact me. Any interested parties who may want to become involved in a larger scale (crew, post, executive producers) with the project please contact me directly

We are very selective about the team and we are keeping it small for costs. If you are passionate and talented, contact me. Major executive producers will of course be working directing with myself and Chyna.

Thank you!

~Erik Angra

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