Saturday, April 30, 2016


People Magazine reports Chyna was planning a return to the wrestling ring this fall. According to the article Chyna's manager said the plan was to have Chyna enter into a rehab facility for 90 days and then make a return to the ring in the fall which would have concluded the documentary.

" Chyna was planning a triumphant return to wrestling before she died in of apparent overdose last week, manager and longtime friend Anthony Anzaldo tells PEOPLE.

The former WWE star – who Anzaldo found unresponsive in her Redondo Beach, California apartment a week ago – was eight months into filming a documentary called The Reconstruction of Chyna that would have culminated with her back in the ring this coming fall, Anzaldo says.

"The goal was she has to go in gets her health, she triumphs, she wins," he says. "That was going to be her Rocky ending to this amazing documentary." Even though Chyna, real name Joan Marie Laurer, was in what Anzaldo calls "amazing shape," the emotional process of living life and in front of the lens and confronting her demons had led the 46-year-old to self-medicate with her prescriptions: "sleep aid Ambien and a form of Valium, an antianxiety pill," he says. [Continue reading]

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