Saturday, July 30, 2016


In a new video Anthony Anzaldo(Good Guy Entertainment) spoke on the legacy of CHYNA THE 9TH WONDER OF THE WORLD, he talks about the creation of The 9th Wonder of the World Foundation founded to benefit Animal Rescue and Children through education, fitness, literature and music. He mentioned he was planning on starting an online store at her website. For official information please visit


  1. I'm Chyna's mom. I want to be very clear about several things and respond to what Anthony Anzaldo has said and done regarding Chyna in the past few months. Actually Chyna (Joanie) stopped using Anthony Anzaldo as her manager about 2 weeks before she died. She didn't trust him and in an email to me on April 10th of this year, said he had taken her money and she asked me not to contact him again. I didn't realize that she had actually fired him as her manager until recently when a very reliable source informed me. I am her sole beneficiary and everything legally has to go through me, such as setting up this 9th Wonder of the World Foundation, and etc. I just want to be very clear about that as there are so many stories going around about Anthony doing/saying this and that. He has no legal or for that matter moral right to do anything without my permission which he does not have. As her sole beneficiary, I was supposed to get her clothes, cash money found in her apartment, personal items, and of course her beloved cello. He has refused to do that after he promised me over and over that he would. He,in fact,just gave her cello away during the big celebration he had in June. I was shocked when I saw the video of the celebration the next day, as he knew that I wanted her cello more than anything. I immediately contacted him and told him in no uncertain terms to get it back. He said he did get it back, when he did not. I recently found out that the person he gave it to still has it, so now I have to go through the process of getting her things, including her cello. He has lied and lied over and over again about a lot of things. Now I know why Joanie fired him. Anthony, and anyone else connected to Anthony, needs to be reminded that you do not have the right to do anything unless you go through me. I loved Joanie dearly and very much want her memory to remain alive, and in a positive way. But I need to protect that memory from people like Anthony who pretend to be someone they are not and to have the right to do things and make decisions that they do not.

    1. As the beneficiary a simple court order would fix this.


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