Saturday, April 15, 2017


The Chyna documentary is tentatively set for release this fall and is being shopped around to distributors. The following statement was released by film director Erik Angra on the film's kick starter page:
"Hello to all of our faithful backers. Just quick update, the trailer is basically complete, and we are shopping it around to find a distributor like HBO, Showtime etc.

We are not legally able to release the trailer at this time, but once legal has sorted out our mountain of work, we will certainly be sharing it with you and the world.

The hope is that we can release the full film this fall or winter or at the latest next spring. If we can secure a deal soon, the fall release would be possible.

Thanks for all your patience as I continue to navigate this crazy world, and the intense and wonderfully inspiring life of Chyna.

Erik Angra"

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