Sunday, May 8, 2011

CHYNA'S WRESTLING RETURN -FOR THE FANS! -May 2011 -No one could have imagined that after nearly 10 years Chyna would return to the ring. No one knows how long Chyna will be involved with the wrestling this time around, but after nine years of trying to make it big in Hollywood Chyna decided it return to her roots in wresting.

"Hollywood has been very difficult. I am very grateful for the VH1 stuff, and really enjoyed it, however it's not an ongoing career! Hollywood is hard for me, although I feel I definitely had the talent, I think it has been hard on my own without any backing, so I really have done everything on my own." Chyna said. "I am an athlete first and I have a hard time with the whole fake Hollywood, who ya know thing. So I have really had to focus on what the next step is."

It wouldn't be fair to say that Chyna's time in Hollywood was a total failure, she has had some success. Most recently she had two highly successful selling feature films, "Illegal Aliens" and "The Cougar Club". She also has several films in production including, "War of The Dragon", "Code of Death", "Fat Chance" and "White T", which will be released in theaters this summer.

Chyna's most successful projects in recent years have been in the world of modeling with a 120 page high fashion book, "Paper Doll" and a recent
modeling contract with Model House Talents which made her the new face of the company's "Builder's Division", in turn that opened doors for her with the Laurie Eylse Fashion company, which plans on using Chyna in some future fashion shows.

For right now it seems as though Chyna is focusing on Professional Wrestling along with modeling to help rebuild her image and her brand after years of personal demons. "It's been a very difficult adjustment! It has taken me 11 years to finally start to get a grip on moving forward with my life. I feel very positive and very hopeful about my new direction."

For most fans, they first remember falling in love with Chyna during her wrestling days and many never thought they'd see the day Chyna would return to the ring. She is extremely intelligent and managed to make a comeback at the perfect time. It hasn't been too long, where people wont remember her, but it's been long enough since she was last in the ring, that the shock value alone will bring in ratings, but Chyna also still has a steady following in the world of wrestling and most will tune into TNA Wrestling because of their many fond memories of her in the WWE.

She was without question the most loved, most dominating and most accomplished female athlete to ever grace the ring. And at age 40 Chyna will still have another good run left in her, and this time she'll actually get to give her wrestling fans a proper good bye whenever she finally does decide to stop wrestling, something she was deprived of by the WWE. "I think my life and career has been a cross between, The Wrestler, Forrest Gump, Jerry McGuire, and 'What's Love Got to Do With It'."

It's doubtful Chyna will ever really retire from entertainment all together but after all is said and done and Chyna has hung her boots up for the last time, she will have done so knowing that despite all of her past demons and personal traumas that she rose above it all and showed the world that indeed she is a survivor... "I have to say , the fans have been amazing throughout all of these years! Very respectful and supportive." Chyna said.

"I'm returning to the ring not just for myself but for the millions of fans who still to this day come up to me and say they miss me wrestling. I also want to put Hollywood on hold for a while at least and focus on me now. That means being in a serene place, the ability to support myself financially , with good health. That's what I want, and what I deserve, I know."

Be sure to catch Chyna on TNA Pay Per View May 15. You can also see Chyna at The Laurie Eylse charity fashion show in July and in the new comedy film, "White T" in theaters August 1.


  1. so HAPPY! I didn't tell you on Saturday when I saw you in New Jersey but you were my favorite when I was growing up and I am SO happy to see you return! :)

  2. chyna!!
    my mum gave me the same name as u nd spelt the same everyone loves it!!!
    i want to see u in real life 1 day...

    :):):):)!!luv chyna
    p.s. im 11yrs old.


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