Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Fight Sports Examiner has published a brand new article on the return of The 9th Wonder of the World. Written by well known sports writer Rick Rockwell, the article talks about the impact Chyna's return has already had on TNA...

Last week, former WWE Diva Joanie "Chyna" Laurer debuted for TNA on a taping of Impact which is set to air this Thursday at 6pm EST on Spike TV. Her association with TNA has already paid off for the company. On Tuesday, mainstream gossip guru Perez Hilton joined other mainstream outlets, like TMZ and the Baltimore Sun, in covering the impact of Chyna's appearance in TNA and the effect it has had on WWE CEO Vince McMahon. Hilton confirmed a report that's been circulating around the wrestling business that Vince McMahon is furious over Laurer's appearance on TNA television.... Chyna's appearance on TNA Impact this week, is one of the most anticipated Impact episodes of 2011. Fight Sports Examiner's mailbox has been filled with emails from long-time fans of Chyna and the TNA die-hards who can't wait to see her. TNA has expectations of higher ratings for this week's episode due to Chyna's appearance and the return of Mick Foley. If the mainstream coverage and fan excitement is any indication, TNA should reap the benefits of Chyna's impact.... [READ ENTIRE ARTICLE]

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