Saturday, May 14, 2011


The following story is credit to "Fight Sports Examiner": The TNA debut of Chyna has brought excitement to more than just the wrestling fans in the Internet bloggers. On Friday, former Olympic gold medalist, and current TNA star, Kurt Angle shared his opinions on Chyna's return to pro-wrestling. According to "Busted Open" radio show, an excited Angle made the following comments about Chyna:
"She looked good. She looked healthy too. You know what, even though we only had 1,400 people there, the response that just came from those fans sent a big message to Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter, and myself as well, that Chyna will always be a huge name."

Chyna debuted on Thursday night's episode of "Impact Wrestling" as the mystery partner for Kurt Angle. The newly paired duo will be wrestling Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle-Jarrett on Sunday at the Sacrifice PPV. Angle has been feuding with Jeff Jarrett for the last 3-4 months. The feud included Angle having to "give away" his former wife Karen in a "staged" wedding between her and her new husband Jeff Jarrett. When Chyna came out on the stage, the entire building erupted. The small TNA studio was shaking due to the fans screaming for Chyna.
"Then she came out and she looked good. It was like, she is back. It was one of the feel-good moments for Impact Wrestling. I mean, Chyna is going to cause a ruckus in Impact Wrestling. I hope they have her wrestle the guys.

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