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Chyna is featured in the newest issue of "Hustler" magazine in an article titled "From WWF to XXX". In the interview done by "Hustler" columnist K.K Le Rouge, Chyna talks about working with Vivid, personal demons she's battled, her time in the WWE and what her future holds....

"Born Joan Marie Laurer, Chyna first made a name for herself as the most successful and popular female combatant in the history of professional wrestling. Billed as “The Ninth Wonder of the World,” the onetime bodybuilder even grappled with men and in 1999 became the only woman to hold the title of Intercontinental Champion. But at the height of her fame, Chyna soon found herself cast out of Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation (now WWE). After McMahon’s daughter stole the brunet bruiser’s then-fiancĂ©, Triple H, Chyna was shown the door. Thanks to various insecurities and addictions, Chyna chose to address her demons as a cast member of the reality shows 'Surreal Life' and 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew'.

Today a humble, sober and downright sexy Chyna has returned to the limelight with a new outlook on life. Ready for another shot at the top, she has chosen adult entertainment as the arena in which to flex her talents. Chyna stopped by HUSTLER to discuss her WWF battles (both in and out of the ring)... and her decision to become a fulltime XXX actress.

HUSTLER: Was your initial porn film, 1 Night in Chyna, really a leaked sex tape?
CHYNA: I would say it was more than a leaked sex tape. I was in a very abusive relationship. I felt more stupid than anything. Coming from the three-ring circus of pro wrestling, his taking the camera out during sex meant nothing to me. Doing the tape was fun, but I didn’t think anyone would see it! Then the ex took off, which was a good thing, but he took off with the tapes. It just became a nightmare. It was difficult because all this relationship drama played out in the public eye. It was horrible, and it took me a long time to get over it. People thought I was doing this on purpose. That was totally the problem. Talk about being screwed.

HUSTLER: How did the ball get rolling for your new adult film, Backdoor to Chyna?
I had another bad boyfriend who said, “I’m gonna make a porn with you too!” He called several adult companies, including Vivid, and I think he called HUSTLER too. I found that out and dumped him ASAP. Days later I was sitting alone in my living room, and Steven Hirsch from Vivid called. He said, “We got this call. Why don’t you come in?” I don’t know why, but I did. We talked, and I decided then and there I wanted to do this!

HUSTLER: Why do you now want to be in porn full time?
I was picking up the pieces of my life. I felt very strong mentally after I realized the one last thing that was keeping me down was this “sex-tape horror” in my past. The nudity and having sex didn’t bother me. It was that I didn’t intend for it to be seen. It was a real violation. It was embarrassing and humiliating. But I decided to finally face it, get past it. I had wasted too much time waiting for wrestling to call me back. Ten years have gone by, and I never say never, but I think that part of my life is done. It’s time to move on. I thought I would jump on this. Because it’s Vivid, I knew it would be fun, classy and that I would be treated fairly. I knew it would be beautiful. They were so respectful and didn’t try to push my boundaries.

HUSTLER: Did you get to pick your costars?
I didn’t know anything about porn, so I didn’t know the size of the guys and how big they would be. (Laughs.) I told Vivid I wanted to do everything that a good porn would do. I didn’t want to do it halfway. That made it fun. I wanted the biggest “stars” in the business. Vivid picked people they knew would work well with me—fans of mine. It was great. Everybody was really fun. I got to do it all.

HUSTLER: Did you have any misgivings about doing anal?
Anal was a big thing with the leaked sex tape. Let me put it this way: The first time, I didn’t see it coming. (Laughs.) I decided to turn that poison into medicine and do it in a safe environment. I experimented and tried all the things that maybe I wouldn’t try in my personal life. I just wanted to see what anal would feel like if done the right way. The fact that the title is Backdoor to Chyna is so funny to me. It makes me laugh so much.

HUSTLER: Did experimenting sexually on film open things up for you personally?
I think so. It was very emancipating in every way. Because this film was not something that was done to me, it was very empowering. It’s a great message because everybody has sex, and porn stars are rock stars these days.

HUSTLER: How long did it take to shoot Backdoor to Chyna?
Four days. It was a lot of action. That was the most sex I’ve ever gotten in my entire life. (Laughs.) Lots of makeup and scenery. Really very glamorous—I loved it.

HUSTLER: Is it true that you have a giant clit?
I don’t know. I suppose. What can I say? Yes! You have to check it out!

HUSTLER: Besides clearing up all the past stuff, what do you hope this film will accomplish?
I don’t know if there was an intent. I didn’t know how it was going to go, but it’s gone so well that I definitely would do more porn. I’d do more mainstream too. I’ve already proved myself from my time in the wrestling world, and I’ve done some mainstream stuff from that. I always wanted to be a soap opera actress. Spanish was my major [in college]. Maybe I could be in a telenovela [a Spanish- or Portuguese-language TV drama] or something like that. That is why I dyed my hair black.

HUSTLER: What is tougher, wrestling or hardcore porn?
Wrestling by far. It’s a skill and a talent. Wrestlers are the best athletes in the world. When you’re in the ring and literally have someone’s life in your hands, you have to perform. You have to have the skill.

HUSTLER: Is WWF/WWE kingpin Vince McMahon really a douchebag?
To me? Yeah. It’s extremely political behind the scenes. Vince McMahon is a billion-dollar mogul, and I can’t say he was the easiest guy to work for. At the height of my career, Vince handled a personal matter not so personally. It affected my life.

HUSTLER: Why did McMahon prevent you from legally using the name Chyna?
I was getting ready to be married to Hunter [Hearst Helmsley a/k/a wrestler Triple H]. We were stars and had this great home. I was at the height of my career. Then Vince’s daughter [Stephanie] got out of college, joined the company and got together with my fiancĂ©. That was all she wrote. The rug was literally pulled out from under me. I tried to be professional and handle it like an adult. They did not. I was so shocked. Suddenly my whole life changed. They took this billion-dollar vehicle and my career away. They told me, “Go home and rest. We’ll talk about a new contract later. Don’t lose your job over this.” Those were the last words Vince said to me. I had nobody. All my friends and my family were in the wrestling world. A friend of a friend who was a lawyer called and said, “I heard what happened. Let’s have lunch.” I’m sitting with this guy in the middle of Jerry’s Deli, and the waitress brings over a fax. It was a total setup! It was my termination letter from the WWF. They said, “Thank you very much.” I was under contract, but they wouldn’t be needing me anymore. And I was told that they owned the name Chyna. That was 2001, and no one has spoken to me since. After that happened, I figured I’d better try my best to move on. But I was still under contract, so nobody could hire me. If they wanted to do something with me, they were threatened. Everyone was afraid of the billion-dollar bully [Vince McMahon]. It forced me into limbo. It was a way to suck me dry financially.

HUSTLER: How did you get your name back?
I decided to go to court to make them pick a name for me to use in the public eye. [Editor’s Note: McMahon’s lawyers had prevented Chyna from using any variation on the name.] I didn’t have the money for a lawyer, so I walked in the courthouse myself. I did my own paperwork, learned the legal system, kept going and going. In 2007 I won my name. It took a long seven years.

HUSTLER: Do you have a favorite moment from your wrestling days?
I loved every day. I couldn’t wait to wake up and be part of the excitement. I lived it. I saw it grow from folding chairs in high school gyms for 200 people into this billion-dollar business. I was on Wall Street with the WWF when we rang the bell. I loved everything from the actual wrestling to the photo-shoots and interviews.

HUSTLER: How real was your time in reality TV?
To me it was all real. Of course it is scripted, and they make you into a character. You have to go in and just be you and let them blow up that character. When you fight it, you get into trouble. I had a lot of personal issues going on then. If not for them, it would have been a total blast. Reality TV is great because they put things in front of you that you never get to do in the real world and say, “Have at it!”

HUSTLER: I remember hearing you sing on The Howard Stern Show. Do you still have musical aspirations?
First of all, I would like to apologize for that. (Laughs.) But I can say that I had a band and did a record, and that was really cool. And we’ll leave the singing at that.

HUSTLER: How would you describe your relationship with Howard Stern?
To do his show, you really have to get it. Coming from wrestling, I think he could push things a little farther with me. Sometimes he could be really harsh. When you leave the studio, you have to take that with you. He’s brilliant. He’s a genius. He sucks you in. Every time I go in, it gets easier and easier. Those were good times. Although now that I have it together, he told me I got too boring.

HUSTLER: Do you date a lot, or do men find you too intimidating?
I don’t think I intimidate men. I haven’t dated a lot recently because most people date people that they work with. They are in an environment where they meet people they think are suited for them. When I was in the wrestling world, I was in the environment where I would meet people. Now I’m not. Plus I have high standards. I want to meet someone who has it going on and who gets my career.

HUSTLER: How close is the character of Chyna the wrestler to the real you?
Hardly anything like the real me. Besides both being athletic, Chyna was my greatest role. There is no way I could have done what I did if I hadn’t been playing a role. I couldn’t have been this tough asskicker without building that character up and making it believable.

HUSTLER: What is the biggest misconception people have about you?
I think people misconceive those years where I was having a lot of difficulty and trouble. That I’m a train wreck. I was going down that road of substance abuse. It was the way to deal with the abusive people that I had in my life. The wrong way? Yeah. People were watching this train wreck and didn’t know the course it would take. It had to take this long to get the whole picture. I’m okay now, and I think it shows. I’ve done so many incredible things in my life that most people never get to do. I embrace life. I’m aware of how lucky I am. I get it. It is a new time for me, and it’s a happy time.

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  1. So, she admits that reality TV isn't reality TV (scripted and whatnot). Finally, some one clears the air!

    Other than that, I'm happy for her. I love watching porn, though I could never watch my childhood hero in a porn and never will. I don't agree with the career path but it's her life and I'm glad that she is living it by her own rules.

    I wish nothing but the best for her and in another few years I feel she will do something else amazing.

    The Wondrous 9th Wonder of the World will live on 4ever!


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