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Chyna is featured in the new issue of "Xtreme" magazine, discussing her work with Vivid, her relationship with Vivid and Steven Hirsch and Marci Hirsch, her plans to do feature dancing in Japan. Being a XXX Bond Girl, her new boyfriend and much more.

Xtreme Magazine: I’ve got to tell you, Chyna, I’m really excited about this. Thank you so much for talking to me. I imagine that this interview will be a little more interesting than the other ones I do on average, because I feel like you have such an interesting back story.

Chyna: Well, thank you so much for having me! Do you really think so!? Why is that?

Xtreme: Well, you know, because you were already known when you got into the business, and it’s not every girl that gets to go straight to the top of the industry. I mean, you’ve already been in Avengers parody, which is obviously one of the biggest movies of the year, so I feel like you’ve have an exciting ride.

Chyna: Well, I feel like Steven Hirsch and Marci Hirsch have been so very good to me and I feel like I’m doing major feature films. I mean, it’s pornography and it’s sexy, but it really feels like I’m doing major feature films and it’s so fun to me because that’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

Xtreme: You’ve been doing a lot of their bigger scripted movies so far, right?

Chyna: Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of acting, and a lot of costumes. You know, I feel very comfortable with the camera. Actually, doing wrestling was in front of so many people, but I feel one on one with the camera that it makes my heart feel good to do a feature film like that.

Xtreme: Can you tell me how this came to be? I know that your tape “One Night In Chyna” was released through Red Light District way back in the day, but it’s not like you came into the industry at that point. You didn’t break into the industry for years.

Chyna: Well, that was done to me, and afterward, since I hadn’t had sex in like forever, and I hadn’t felt really sexy besides [when I posed for] Playboy, I decided that I would go to Steven Hirsch, who was like the number one guy in this business, and ask him if he wanted to do a movie for real. And I wanted to see if it made me feel better. It ended up changing my life. So now I’m working with the number one company in the world, and they’re treating me so well. They treat me better than WWE… Playboy treated me very well, but that was like a one-time magazine thing. This was like an ongoing issue, but Vivid takes care of me, and I appreciate that. I’m part of the Vivid family.

Xtreme: Are you officially under contract with Vivid, or can you work with other companies if that’s what you want to do?

Chyna: No, I wouldn’t go with anyone else other than Vivid right now. I’m trying to look for other work, you know, and I’m trying to do other things in between [my work with Vivid], but I would not do anything like that outside of the Vivid company, because I’m safe there, and I love them, and they treat me so well.

Xtreme: When you talk about other work, do you mean mainstream work?

Chyna: Well, yeah. I’ve been trying to teach English in Japan.

Xtreme: Oh, wow!

Chyna: Yeah, and you know, I would even waitress. I’m not above any of it. I just love to work. I’d work every day.

Xtreme: I’ve heard Vivid is doing a spinoff of She-Hulk, your character from the Avengers parody?

Chyna: Yes, they are! We already did it. I spent days with green paint all over my feet and my head and my hands… everywhere. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done professionally but one of the most rewarding.

Xtreme: Everybody’s saying your sex scene with Thor in the Avengers parody is one of the hottest in the movie.

Chyna: Really? Thank you. That’s so awkward to hear! [laughs]

Xtreme: Is it?

Chyna: Oh, yeah. The sex part is still really awkward for me.

Xtreme: What are the most awkward parts about it for you?

Chyna: I think it’s just having sex with someone I don’t know at first.

Xtreme: You mean how you walk in and meet them and all of a sudden have to start getting it on?

Chyna: Yeah! And you just… have to have sex with somebody! It’s so funny, like, you almost have to act like they’re seeing you across the bar and they’re really digging you. It’s like, for a woman, there’s so much acting, but for a guy, he has to be really turned on. So it’s awkward to be with a guy who’s really turned on, and you may just be acting. But that’s the life of a porn star. In regular movies, you see this stuff all the time, except for the penetration. And they’re so dramatic about it. But I think that porn is so honest. Before I used to be so jealous about it, like, is my boy going to watch porn and be like, “Oh, I wish I could really be with that girl.” But people in the porn industry are the most honest people that you’ll ever meet, because they don’t lie about anything. It just is what it is. It’s just work, at least for the women. And for the guys, too, I guess. Maybe they’re lying. But they say that it’s work too.

Xtreme: Were you nervous before your first scene?

Chyna: Oh, my God. I was like so nervous. I thought they were going to come in and say, “Oh, we don’t like her,” and they were so kind and sweet and loving that I just had to follow the directions. It was like dancing. Especially with the guys like Evan Stone, and Thor. [laughs] They’re all so kind and gentle with me, and it’s so good.

Xtreme: Are you having some good sex?

Chyna: Oh, it’s really good sex. I have to tell you, though. At first they were so big; I thought I couldn’t take it because I’d never seen such large penises. But, yeah. They have, um… I don’t know what you would call it. A motion to their ocean? [laughs] And I hadn’t had sex in a really long time, so when I started the movies, I hadn’t been with anyone in a while.

Xtreme: Who was your first scene with?

Chyna: It was Evan Stone. He made it so much fun, and he’s so funny. I’d never had, like, funny sex, but he made it so much fun and I was very comfortable.

Xtreme: Is doing the movies affecting your personal life at all?

Chyna: It is, because I’ve been dating a guy lately, and it’s hard to date and do the movies as well because once you start to fall in love with somebody, it’s hard to be with other people.

Xtreme: And the man that you’ve been seeing is someone not in the business?

Chyna: Yeah, yeah.

Xtreme: That’s sort of a good segue into my next question, though. What are you finding to be the biggest differences between sex on camera versus sex off camera?

Chyna: It’s strange, because in some ways there’s no difference. When you’re with someone you love, it’s like there’s no tomorrow, but I guess that’s why they call it acting.

Xtreme: So if I watched one of your scenes, it would be like watching you in the bedroom?

Chyna: Well, in some ways it’s completely different too. When you’re acting, you’re not really with that person. You just shut it off, but when you’re completely intimate with someone, you’re really with them.

Xtreme: So what’s been your favorite sex scene so far?

Chyna: I loved the scene between She-Hulk and Thor. I also loved that first scene with Evan, because it was just so good [laughs] and he really took care of me. He was really very gentle and he’s so sexy.

Xtreme: Do you have a list of things you won’t do?

Chyna: Well, yeah. I really like doing more of the film part than the sex part, so I’m not willing to do anything really nasty. I want to do things that are classy and loving, cool, safe and sexy. I would not do anything that’s degrading, but Vivid doesn’t do that anyway.

Xtreme: Would you do a scene with multiple partners?

Chyna: I’ve actually done that!

Xtreme: Was it with two guys?

Chyna: It was with two guys, and it was… [laughs] I didn’t know what to do! I mean, what do you do!?

Xtreme: That’s a lot of penises!

Chyna: [laughs loudly] Yes!

Xtreme: So what do you want to do with Vivid going forward? Porn is such a great way to live out your sexual fantasies, so is there anything you’re hoping they’re going to have you do?

Chyna: The next thing I’d like to do is a James Bond film.

Xtreme: Do you want to be a female James Bond or a Bond girl?

Chyna: Oh, a Bond girl!

Xtreme: What would your name be?

Chyna: That’s a really good question! [thinks] Double D Agent?

Xtreme: So you’re also feature dancing already, aren’t you?

Chyna: I did for a while, but I’ve quit that for the moment. But I will be doing that in Japan. You should see this Hello Kitty outfit that I got!

Xtreme: Do you like feature dancing?

Chyna: I do like it, but I have a severe anxiety problem, so it’s hard for me to get in the social climate, but when I’m performing I love it. So I’d rather be performing than to be in the crowd.

Xtreme: Does it become easier as you deal with more and more fans?

Chyna: No, it’s never gotten easier. Fans have always been so respectful of me, but it’s just me.

Xtreme: I would think that Twitter would be a good alternative then to communicate with your fans.

Chyna: I actually really like talking with my fans on a one on one basis. It’s really just the crowds.

Xtreme: Do you have a Twitter in spite of this fact?

Chyna: I do! My handle is ChynaChyna9.

Xtreme: Do you use it a lot?

Chyna: I honestly don’t like social media very much because there are so many people imitating me. I don’t even have a Facebook. And I do think Twitter is a great way to get out there though; [it’s just that] people spend so much time on it! I just feel like I’d rather do these magazine interviews or other regular media to get out to the fans before I’d get on Twitter or Facebook. So when you’re done feature dancing in Japan, do you think you’ll do it again here in the U.S.?

Chyna: I’d like to. Doing the features for Vivid is my number one ambition right now, though.

Xtreme: Of course. Do you know when the She-Hulk spinoff will be released?

Chyna: I think sometime in September. I’m not sure. They’re going to surprise me, and I’m just so grateful for everything.

Xtreme: Well, I’m so glad that you’ve found something that obviously makes you so happy, because you deserve it, and I wish you so much more happiness luck in the future, Chyna!

Chyna: Thank you so much!

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