Thursday, December 27, 2012


December 27,2012 marks Chyna 42nd birthday! Happy Birthday Chyna! May your birthday bring you all of lives blessings. God Bless you and congratulations on all of your accomplishments in life.

From humble beginnings in Rochester, New York to super-stardom Chyna is a household name and well known on all seven continents. She's most famous for her wrestling days in the WWF but her accomplishments outside of the ring exceeded everyone's expectations in every way.


  1. Yes very well said Webmaster, Happy Birthday to the one and only Chyna! Long live the queen, many blessings to the gorgeous 9th Wonder of the world!!!!! Wish her all the happiness in the world, she truly deserves it.

    Love you Chyna!

  2. Happy birthday chyna I will be supporting you getting she hulk xxx I hope they have it on blu ray baby

  3. While many sources here and there state her year of birth as 1970, in her autobiography "If They Only Knew," she was actually born on December 27 in 1969 and points to three such events that occurred in that year: the break-up of English supergroup Blind Faith (containing members of Cream and Traffic plus the late Ric Grech), Shocking Blue's #1 hit "Venus" and the cancellation by ABC-TV of "The New Casper Cartoon Show" (an anthology program of old theatrical Casper cartoon shorts).

    So that would mean she had just turned 43 years old this past December.


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