Saturday, December 22, 2012


It's the most wonderful time of the year, the holiday season is here and for many it means spending time with family and friends, it can also mean some extra weight as you make your way around the Holiday table.

There is hope for people who don't want to pack on a ton of extra pounds but still want to enjoy the Holiday season.

"Depriving yourself is never the answer." Chyna said. "If your going to eat sweets and candy it's ok, moderation is the key along with exercise and plenty of water. If you are planning on going to a big Christmas dinner snack on healthy foods throughout the day and you will feel fuller during dinner without the added calories"

Chyna is no stranger to health and fitness. Throughout her entire life Chyna has always been active and preaching a healthy lifestyle. She has even released a workout video "More Than Meets the Eye" which won several lifestyle awards.

Throughout the years Chyna's body and shape has changed, yet Chyna has always had the same philosophy of being healthy. "When I was a wrestler, it was a good thing that I had more meat on my bones. Physically, it was my job. I had to for safety reasons. I'm getting nailed to the mat every night. It was an effort to eat and still look good, sculpted, walk the red carpet." Now that she has retired from wrestling Chyna has a much different approach to working out. "I have toned down my body, slimmed down by quite a few pounds. I'm liking my look more, I have to say I feel better, I look better. It just feels more natural and better to me, and it's not my job to have to beef up my neck so I don't break it when I roll on it. I'm starting to now be more cautious of what I eat and go, `Hmm, how is my body going to change now that I'm not doing the same things?' Instead of counting how much protein or as much as I can eat, now I'm going, `Maybe my body will just tell me when I'm hungry and I'll eat.' I'm loving it."

As for her current workout Chyna follows a very strict yoga routien. “Yoga, or a type of inner mediation along with the physical [exercise], because if you do yoga, it is one of the best exercises in the entire world. I could not be without my yoga. I like to do it three days a week for a hour and a half. I am telling you, it kicks my butt.” Chyna told

So what about looking like the people you see in magazines? "Bottom line is that being healthy isn't about being a certain size or weight. It's not about looking like an air brushed model, being healthy is about just that, being healthy. Eat often, eat a lot, just make it as healthy as possible." Chyna added, "Working out doesn't have to being boring, it can be something as simple as dancing, playing a sport or even playing in the snow. Just try to incorporate some sort of strength training routien into your workouts, muscle helps burn fat. You don't have to bulk up with muscle, lean looking muscles burn just as much fat as bulky looking ones do."

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